Case Study Qantas - Marketing and SWOT analysis

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Case Study Qantas

Topic 2- marketing

Role of marketing

Marketing allows Qantas to:

Achieve its business goals

Identify and satisfy customer needs

Give the business a direction

Focus on market research

Interdependence with Other Key Business Functions

Finance- budgets need to be set out for marketing

Human resources- staff need to be employed and trained

Operations- The operations may physically limit the amount of staff for operations

Marketing process


Product lifestyle

Introduction- Qantas, started a new product and had promoted heavily. The brand awareness was built up.

Growth- Profitability increased by 14% in 2010 and routes were expanded. Profitability was achieved for the first time.

Maturity- Sales levelled off and competition increased. Many changes were done to the lounge, planes and checking.

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Market research

Information about customer needs, brand preferences and characteristics were identified.

The data source was selected. (Surveys,  mail based surveys, complaint monitoring, government statistics, magazines and interviews)

Marketing objectives

Qantas attempted to:

Maintain the combined domestic market share

Grow Jetstar in asia

Increase  customer service standards

Match demand with capacity

Reduces losses in international departments

Market segmentation

This is the processes of diving up the total market into small groups. It enables Qantas to:

Better meet the needs of the customers

Better tune the marketing mix to certain groups in the market.

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