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Compare and Contrast Roles Supporting Organisational Structures and Functional Areas in Organisations

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Compare and Contrast Roles Supporting Organisational Structures and Functional Areas in Organisations Each business has it's own structure. It could be a hierarchical structure, a matrix structure or a flat structure. Because of these structures it helps make a business efficient in each of the functional areas that it has. Each level of the structure has a level of responsibility. Hierarchical structures are usually used by big businesses that have lots of different areas. This is why this structure is referred to as the pyramid structure. The most important and the most paid are at the top and the less important and the least paid are at the bottom. The people at the top of this structure are the ones that make the decisions and the ones at the bottom follow them. The higher up the structure the more responsibility they will have. The matrix structure is used for projects within the business. ...read more.


No business is perfect when it comes to efficiency but having a structure of any kind helps it become a bit more efficient. Customer Services This helps the efficiency in the business when it comes to dealing with customers. They sort out all of the problems they may have and fix them, once fixed and improved they report to somewhere higher up on the structure and talk to the customer. They deal with all of these problems. Human Resources Human resource is the area that hires and fires members of staff. They deal with that. They have to work with other area such as finance and accounts so they don't have enough money. If the communication between the two areas don't go well then something can go wrong, this is why they both need to be efficient. ...read more.


They will need to work quick and do it right the first time round. There is no room for mistakes in this area that is why efficiency is essential. Production This area gets a design from the research and development area and then find a way to make it. They may have a deadline to make so many products so efficiency is key. This is especially if they need to make so many products in a short space of time. Administration and IT This area sorts out the paperwork side of the business. This means they have strict deadlines the need to follow for each piece. They also need to be quick about it like the finance and accounts area. If they were not and didn't finish a piece of document then something could go wrong and slow down production in each area. ?? ?? ?? ?? - M1 ...read more.

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