Competitor Analysis

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Competitor Analysis

The main competition for my game shop will be ‘GAME’. This competitor is highly known in the high street and attracts a huge number of customers every week.

                  The aims and objectives for GAME are like most other successful businesses: To gain more profit and customers. But every year, they intend to expand their reputation in different ways for e.g. advertising, new consoles. One of the main factors in why the business has attracted huge interest is because of many stores across UK. However, as I am going to locate my particular business in Southgate it is important to compete with on of the GAME shops nearby. There are many reasons why GAME might of located their store in Southgate:

  • Population in Southgate is higher than average compared to other areas.
  • Low rate of crime
  • Different types of market they can target
  • High Street is usually busy during weekdays and Saturdays.
  • Cost and availability of land/premises.
  • Availability of labour
  • Government incentives
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GAME is highly respected due to its prices and quality of its products. So therefore it is important to target in that particular area so my business can compete well. GAME almost offers everything to do in terms of gaming entertainment. They sell all the latest consoles, games and gaming accessories.  But most significantly, in terms of business, is that they deliver their goods for free, which can be a concern for my business as it’s new to the market and therefore cannot afford to lose money on deliveries.

                Every ...

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The report could be spilt into readable paragraphs, as currently it's one block of text which is quite unfeeling. If the student were to organise the text more effectively, this would allow the exmainer to read the report with more ease.

The report states that GAME is highly respected due to their prices and quailty of products. However this is false. The prices within GAME are quite expensive, compared to a number of on-line retailers. This isn't mention within the report, and this shows a lack of understanding. In addition to the above, further down the report it states that the business uses a 'Competitive Pricing' model to set their prices. This is false. There isn't any other competitor within the market which specialises within games, as GAME and Game Station are both owned by the same company. The student I'm assuming isn't aware of this, which shows poor knowledge.

In summary, the student has tried to understand how GAME operates as a business. However the report does lack alot of knowledge and the report does contain alot of invalid and incorrect information. The student states that the main competition is 'GAME', however there are two major retailers within the high street. These are 'GAME' and 'Game Station'. However these two are both owned by the same company known as 'GAME GROUP PLC'. This could be corrected, to show the exmainer a good understanding of the market. The student understands the need to advertise/promote their products, in order for consumer's to purchase these. This is quite good, as the student does acknowledge the method to attract new customers to the store. The report states that GAME target audience is everyone, as games are for different age groups. This is false. Game's are usually for the young aged market. I would assume ages from 5 uptil 30. As there will be a large number of games for children, teenagers and young adults. However their business doesn't market their products to middle aged adults or above.