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Contribution to innovation and change. Explain three points of innovation in a business environment.

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Task 1 You have been asked to write an article for a magazine called "How to contribute to innovation and change within the organisation". 1. Explain three points of innovation in a business environment. Businesses that encourage innovation and creativity are more likely to succeed than those which don't embrace change. This can be achieved by: > exploiting new ideas > taking advantage of new technologies > leading the market rather than follow it 2. Explain why it is so important to review existing ways of working in a positive way, identify four ways for doing so. > Improve business processes to increase efficiency and productivity > Develop new and improved services to meet rapidly changing customer demands > Differentiate your business from your competitors to increase your market share > Take advantage of new technologies to enter potentially lucrative new markets > Attract and retain key staff by building a reputation as a dynamic, forward-thinking organisation. 3. Explain three benefits of teamwork when contributing to innovation and list three behaviours and attitudes which will support this innovation. ...read more.


> A change to a service or product offered by the company could mean that related procedures need to be reviewed to ensure they are still correct. > Some people adapt to change very well and others don't. Whereas some people thrive on the challenge of something new, others may worry about it and can become very negative. > Responding negatively to a change will influence those around you creating a difficult environment to work in. A positive approach encourages a good working environment and good teamwork. 5. Explain the purpose of planning change and why effective communication is so important to the organisation and the individual when planning change. If team members feel valued and well supported during a change, they are more likely to adapt quickly and be more open to accept what needs to be done. Good communication can really help people accept a change more quickly. The person implementing a change will hopefully give everyone plenty of warning and also get everyone involved as a team to help make decisions. Training and time are also important support measures that people will need to adapt during a change. ...read more.


You may find that you will be able to help support your colleagues if they are finding something challenging and vice versa. Try to identify if you think your colleague is 'stuck' in one of the stages and needs help 'getting out'. It is important to remember that to support and work with colleagues effectively you will need to keep a positive outlook. Moaning and continual criticism of what you are doing and why will not support others and means that you are stuck in a stage of anger. Instead of complaining think about how you can get yourself to accept and embrace change. 7. Explain the purpose of reviewing and evaluating change after it has taken place. When implementing changes it is essential that an evaluation is made of the impact they have had. Evaluating what has been done, and learning from the evaluation is a vital part of any change process. It is important that the evaluation is objective and conducted with rigour using an agreed framework. An external evaluation or challenge process may be helpful in determining if the changes that have taken place have been effective and the objectives achieved. ?? ?? ?? ?? 4475-306 - Principles of Contributing to Innovation and Change 1 | Page ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is an interesting piece on how a business can implement change. My main criticism is that it does not follow the task headings for much of the time and as such appears to be a random collection of points about change in organisations.

Marked by teacher David Salter 05/04/2012

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