Contribution to innovation and change. Explain three points of innovation in a business environment.

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4475-306 – Principles of Contributing to Innovation and Change

Task 1

You have been asked to write an article for a magazine called “How to contribute to innovation and change within the organisation”.

  1. Explain three points of innovation in a business environment.

Businesses that encourage innovation and creativity are more likely to succeed than those which don’t embrace change. This can be achieved by:

  • exploiting new ideas
  • taking advantage of new technologies
  • leading the market rather than follow it

  1. Explain why it is so important to review existing ways of working in a positive way, identify four ways for doing so.

  • Improve business processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Develop new and improved services to meet rapidly changing customer demands
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors to increase your market share
  • Take advantage of new technologies to enter potentially lucrative new markets
  • Attract and retain key staff by building a reputation as a dynamic, forward-thinking organisation.

  1. Explain three benefits of teamwork when contributing to innovation and list three behaviours and attitudes which will support this innovation.
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  • People with diverse talents, personalities, and backgrounds who are able to exchange their ideas freely set the tone for change.
  • Recognition that there's not just one correct way of doing things and being appreciated makes you want to be more creative and willing to offer your ideas.
  • Good leadership knows how to uncover employees’ diversity of talents and gives them an outlet and opportunities to demonstrate this. Helping them to use their strengths will lead to a more innovative environment.

  1. Explain three business reasons for change and three examples of the implications of ...

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*** This is an interesting piece on how a business can implement change. My main criticism is that it does not follow the task headings for much of the time and as such appears to be a random collection of points about change in organisations.