Customer service within the travel and tourism industry

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Kevin Sekweyama                                         Unit 5: Customer Service In Travel & Tourism


Customer service is composed of 6 components, and below is a diagram identifying those components:

All of these components together fulfil the purpose of customer service, which is to look after customers.  Within the travel and tourism industry, there is a high level of competitiveness as there are a number of organisations providing similar products or services.  It is the quality of customer service that distinguishes one organisation from the other.  Customers expect the highest standards and it is important that the staffs are aware of the part that they play in giving customers what they need.  Therefore, providing excellent customer service is considered an influence in helping organisations maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, which in turn increases repeated business, as existing customers are kept and new customers are attracted.  The following unit is a report investigating the importance and effectiveness of customer service delivery in two travel and tourism organisations.


The travel and tourism industry is divided into 6 components

The two components that were selected for this investigation were Accommodation and Tourist Attraction.  Furthermore, the two organisations that were selected from these companies were Thistle Hotels (Accommodation) and UGC Cinemas (Tourist Attraction).

Thistle Hotels is one of the UK's leading four-star hotel companies with over 55 properties (just under 11,000 bedrooms) in key city centre and countryside locations and, with 23 hotels (almost 6,500 bedrooms) in London alone, it is the capital's largest hotel group.  Thistle Hotels is the largest hotel group in London with 24 hotels occupying prominent positions near financial centres, tourist attractions and prime shopping streets. These include the Thistle Tower in the City with views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London; the Thistle Charing Cross on the Strand, close to Trafalgar Square; and the Thistle Marble Arch overlooking Oxford Street.  Elsewhere in the UK, Thistle offers hotels in most business centres including Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. In addition, there are Thistle hotels in resort areas such as the Thistle Grasmere in the Lake District and the Thistle Brighton situated on the sea front at this popular south coast resort.  In addition, there are four deluxe Thistle Country House Hotels, each renowned for their high standards of cuisine, accommodation and service. Properties include New Hall, a 12th century moated manor house set in six acres of beautiful wooded grounds in the heart of England; Audleys Wood, set in seven acres of gardens and lightly wooded parkland just south of Basingstoke and Cannizaro House, an elegant Georgian mansion set in acres of parkland on Wimbledon Common.

UGC Cinemas is a French company with over 30 years experience in filmmaking, cinema operation and film distribution. In 1998, UGC expanded into Belgium, followed by Spain and in 1999, with the acquisition and rebranding of Virgin Cinemas, UGC became the largest European exhibitors with over 90 cinemas across Europe, 43 in the UK.  Over the last 10 years, UGC Cinemas has changed cinema going for millions of consumers by sharing a passion for films and pioneering new ways of seeing them. We offer unparalleled film choice and ground breaking initiatives, such as our Unlimited Cinema Subscription Card, providing our audiences with genuine value for money.  UGC are committed to regenerating cinema by broadening the range of films being shown and increasing and widening audiences. Inside the cinema we are totally committed to offering the ultimate 'cinema experience' - great films, great prices, state of the art screens in a relaxing, stylish environment. With all its new cinemas, UGC aims to break new ground in cinema design, added value and customer service.


This investigation was carried out by the use of primary sources, which involved interviewing the managers of both organisations, to identify the importance of customer service, the potential of customer service, and the procedures and practices used by the mangers and staff to meet the quality criteria which affects the customer service delivery.  The use of primary sources also involved gaining customer feedback conducting 3 visits to both organisations, talking to customers (if possible), and observing customer service activities during those 3 visits.  This investigation was also carried out by the use of secondary source, which involved research from leaflets and Internet sites.  Furthermore, this investigation was carried out by assessing, analysing, and evaluating the effectiveness of customer service delivery on these organisations, and determining how well these organisations met the quality criteria, based from the feedback gained from the primary & secondary sources.


The customer quality criteria is composed of these factors;

  • price/value for money
  • consistency/accuracy
  • reliability
  • staffing levels/qualities
  • enjoyment of experience
  • health and safety
  • cleanliness/hygiene
  • accessibility and availability
  • provision for individual needs

Below is a table show a definition and a description of each factor with the quality criteria:

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In order for organisations to assess customer service delivery, they must undergo procedures and practices to meet the quality criteria.

Below is an interview conducted with the manger of Thistle Hotels.  Within this interview, is a description of importance of customer service, the potential of customer service, and effectiveness of customer service:

Importance of Customer service for Thistle Hotels

What is the importance of customer service?

Customer service is of primary importance because through good customer service, our organisation is able to build a good relationship with our customers, and maintain customer loyalty.  This will then ...

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