Customer Services 2.

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Unit 2 Business Assignment – Customer Services

Customer services are an essential key to any successful business, without them a company would perish and fail within a year. Consumers of products have extremely high expectations of the companies they purchase from and if this is not supplied in the exact way they want it then the customer will most likely go to another business that will give them great customer service. Most customers nowadays expect

  • Friendly service
  • Helpful staff
  • Aesthetically pleasing establishments
  • Facilities to suit their needs
  • Regular customers will expect to be remembered for their loyalty
  • Easy and pleasant service if the customer is not satisfied

Banks are a great example of different types of customer service. They use diverse methods of attracting and retaining their existing and new clients. The banks that I think possess the potential of this quality are;

Nationwide – This bank has put its time and effort into higher interest               rates to attract new business and free withdrawals from cash machines abroad.

Natwest – Insist that they have stopped routing all their calls abroad to call centres and that now all calls are directed straight through to the branch.

HSBC - Following customer complaints about queues in branches at busy times, it now has its own radio station playing music and providing current announcements to distract waiting customers

Barclays - Rather than black pens, chained to the counter, you will now find free blue pens with logos like “Take me, I’m yours’.  Signs are more informal. ‘Reception’ has become ‘I’d love to help’ and ‘Please queue here’ is ‘This way to the counter’.

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I have chosen to complete my assignment based upon the bank Nationwide as it has put lots of money into new advertising and promotional offers.

Customer Service – A Definition

Most Organisations today recognise the importance of their customers. They try to understand what customers need and want so that they can try to provide the goods and services to match these requirements. For many businesses this means putting the customers first through the range of goods and services on offer, through the prices charged, and through the customer care and service offered. For many ...

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