Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of Tescos.

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Tesco need many physical resources in order to run their company successfully.1) Physical resources are the resources such as buildings and machinery which are required for the day to day operations of a company.

The first physical resource Tesco need, is a building. Tesco need a building so that they can operate their company and have a place to sell their products. Tesco have many types of buildings. They have Tesco Extra which is a big building, and then have Tesco Express which a smaller, more convenient building. In addition, to their store buildings, Tesco will have a building for their headquarters where the managers make important decisions. And lastly, they will need to have buildings where their products can be made. This may be a large building such as a factory which can hold lots of machinery so that products can be made efficiently. Furthermore, they need to have good locations for these buildings.  The buildings must be in an accessible location so that people will easily be able to access their stores. A good location would be in a town where there is good transport and will attract customers to shop there. In addition, they need to have location where they can have their store, a large car park and perhaps a petrol station which some Tesco stores have; because of this Tesco need a location which has large premises for them to build on. In addition, they need facilities at their shops.  They will need things such as ramps so that disabled people can access the store easily and toilets so they can satisfy their customers.

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Moreover, they will need equipment. Tesco needs lots of equipment to hold their stock and provide a service for their customers. Equipment they need will include fridges and freezers to be able to keep their stock at a suitable condition; and therefore provide good quality products. Additionally, Tesco will need to have materials such as raw materials. They need raw materials so that they can use it to produce their products so they can sell and make a profit. They also need to have a waste service such as a garbage collector so that they are not holding waste that ...

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