Designing a training programme for supervisor skills at Primark.

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Task 5 A244 Design a training programme that will allow you to gain the skills required to become a Supervisor

Type of training and how long will the training take?

(on the job or off the job)

Shadowing/demonstration/coaching/external or internal course

hour/1/2 day/ 5 days?

Provider of training and Location

Sales floor/store training room/Primark head office/College/Distance course.

Internal training. Who will carry out? HR manager/training manager

Description of training content

What will the you do /learn during the training

Cost of the training

Physical cost of external course/cost of paying salary to trainee whilst not doing their job role/providing cover whilst trainee is on course/travel expenses – train tickets to London if going on a head office course

What will the training allow me to achieve?

What skills will you have learnt?

How will it assist you in being successful in your new role?

Why is this skill important?


Shadowing for 1 hour

Sales floor watching experienced supervisor complete rota

Organisation of staff rota, including breaks and lunches. Watch the supervisor complete her daily rota and then complete own rota and discuss with mentor to get feedback on how to improve it

No direct costs however, Primark will still need to pay us both our £8.50 an hour salary despite the fact that both the experienced Supervisor and I will be less productive during the training. This may impact on customer service as we won’t be available to help customers during the hours training . The training may disrupt other members of staff and reduce overall productivity of the department

I will be able to complete the daily staff rota ensuring all staff get the breaks and lunches they are entitled to with minimal disruption to customer service

Key feature in the job description of a supervisor. Failure to complete this correctly may mean that staff do not get the correct breaks and may become demotivated and lower their productivity as a result which will trigger a fall in customer satisfaction and potentially sales and profit

Demonstration for 20 minutes

Shown on the sales floor by an experienced supervisor . Whilst walking around look at the trends , most common sizes and the popular items .

The ability to see when a specific product is in high demand and inform head office that more stock needs to be ordered. Listening to retail sales assistants when they tell you a product is in high demand .
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There are no direct costs. Although the experienced supervisor and I will need to be paid £2.52 for the 20 minutes . I will be less productive during the training, this may impact customer service as I will be too busy to help out customers. The training may disrupt other members of staff and reduce overall productivity of the department

The ability to spot trends , and items that are selling out. The ability to order in new stock .

Failure in ordering a high demand products would mean Primark would miss out on an ...

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