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Task 2: In this task I have been asked to: (a) Use the internet to research the websites of other DJ business and DJ equipment suppliers in order to obtain details information on DJ equipment currently being used. (b) I will produce a list of all the websites I have visited, giving a brief summary of the products and prices. (c) I will produce a memo to Mourice and Joanna using appropriate software formats and conventions. My memo will include the type of equipment they will need. Task A: Below are some of the websites I have researched the internet to find DJ businesses are DJ equipment: http://www.djstore.co.uk/: DJ Store Warehouse Clearance We're clearing out the DJ Store warehouse to make way for more new products, so grab a bargain on end of line products whi... Ion USB Turntables from �99 USB turntables allow you to transfer your record collection to CD or MP3. We've got a range of models available Denon HD2500 MP3 Controller - �725 In Stock - the Denon DNHD2500 plays MP3 files from external USB devices, or built in hard drive. With FREE USB Hub. Numark d2 MP3/USB/iPod Cont - �449 Numarks d2 MP3 controller is available from stock now. ...read more.


Ideal to run along side any DJ Equipment. from �105 - More Info/Buy Summertime! Bubble Machines from �29 Our range of professional bubble machines generate a flow of beautiful big soap bubbles for an amazing effect. We have 3 models ideal for use indors and out. from �29 - More Info/Buy DJ Kit Sound Systems 200W @ �159! We have a huge section of pre selected sound system packages from the leading DJ Equipment manufactures. We have created a range to cover anyones budget even a 500W sound system under �300!. from �159 - More Info/Buy Pioneer CDJ 1000Mk3 CD/MP3 Player The CDJ1000mk3 offers the same robust build beloved by club owners and DJ s, is finished in the familiar high-quality polished look and remains faithful to the clean, clear layout that has become the accepted format for tabletop CD dj decks from �769 - More Info/Buy KAM 30 mW Green DMX Laser 30MW DJ Green Laser 50 pre programmed moving patterns Automated pattern 'Show' sequence 38 pre programmed 'Gobos' Static, Flat Beam & Pulse Gobo Effects Sound To Light Sensitivity control 9 Channel DMX Operation Endless show creation possibilities. from �199 - More Info/Buy Numark KMX02 Karaoke CD+G Mixstation with Key Change! ...read more.


extra peace of mind when Booking Once Your Date is Booked its Booked a Contract will be arranged and Northern Sound Discos complete with sound crew will be there no matter what unlike some of our competitors who simply let customers down time and time again! Northern Sound Discos only use Professional grade Sound & Lighting Equipment including Peavey, EVL, Martin, Kam, Sennheiser, Shure & Sony are just a few brand names included in our Disco Roadshow Task B: DJ EQUIPMENT DJ BUSINESSES http://www.djstore.co.uk/ http://www.platinum-djs.com/ http://www.djkit.co.uk http://www.uk-discos.co.uk/ After comparing the two different DJ business websites I have found out the following that platinum DJ's caters for a wide variety of people example celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Frank Bruno. This intern means the prices will be very high as they are well known .Also the company is a world wide DJ business so there aims would be at famous bars or discos not the typical birthday or so. The other website I investigated was UK Discos this company ranges for more of a kid based for example children's parties, birthdays and dinner dances. Also they are not well known as platinum DJ's so they are more likely to be less expensive. The two DJ equipment websites I looked into was www.djstores.co.uk and www.djkit.co.uk ...read more.

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