Do you think it is a good idea for companies to use corporate social investment to promote their corporate image?

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  1. “Companies used to find it bad taste to gloat about their generosity but now realise that they can use their good work to promote their corporate image.” Do you think it is a good idea for companies to use corporate social investment to promote their corporate image?

Yes, companies become aware of the impact of their activities on all of their stakeholders and express their commitment to contributing to sustainable economic growth, while also improving the quality of life of their employees and their families, of the community where they conduct their business and of society at large. The idea is to develop all three dimensions of a company, which generates long-term value and contributes significantly to obtaining long-lasting competitive advantages. It’s ability to provide effective customer care. This corporate identity forms the basis for all the relationships it establishes through its financial and commercial activity, the execution of its social actions and the day-to-day expression of its corporate

  1. What is meant by “corporate citizenship”?

 Corporate citizenship is a term used to describe a company's role in, or responsibilities towards society. For this reason it is sometimes used interchangeably with corporate social responsibility, and in fact many companies including Microsoft, IBM and Novartis have used it in this way to describe their social initiatives. However, many also take it to mean that corporations should be regarded as citizens within a territory - i.e. that corporations have citizenship of some sort. This is usually based on the principle of corporate personhood, in that in certain legal jurisdictions, such as the United States, companies are afforded some of the same legal rights as individuals. Therefore, if corporations are 'artificial persons' under the law (e.g. they own their own assets, they can sue and be sued etc), then they can also claim some of the entitlements, privileges and protections of citizenship such as rights to free speech and political participation. Although this debate remains very active, a more recent approach to corporate citizenship has also stressed the political role of corporations in protecting or inhibiting the citizenship rights of individuals (such as by taking over previously governmental roles and functions) or direct political activity such as lobbying and party financing.

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  1. Trialogue “has found that medium – sized companies are compliance focused” explain what this means?

In practice, many environmental or contextual factors may directly bear on compliance risk management decision-making. These factors include:

  • variations in a revenue authority’s financial resources that may substantially affect its capacity to deal with all of the major compliance risks identified;

  • likely government positions on specific tax legislation changes (e.g. increased powers for revenue  officials) that may represent a positive (or negative) opportunity to deal with a compliance ...

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*** This improves as it goes but the writer does not show evidence of a full grasp of the questions. Full understanding of the material is necessary before beginning to write. Whole passages of this appear to be lifted and often the question set is not addressed.