Evaluate the links between an organisation's characteristics and its success in gaining competitive advantage and achieving its aims

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D1 evaluate the links between an organisations characteristics and its success in gaining competitive advantage and achieving its aims

A company needs an aim to be successful; theses aims help a business build their organisational and financial characteristics. However there are other factors those organisations need in mind to keep stakeholders happy and be successful. They need to keep in mind is being environmentally and ethically responsible an example of this Emirate airline is very ethically responsible as they have their own charity called ‘The Emirates Airline Foundation’ this is a non-profit charity and is actually funded by Emirates Airline but anyone make a donation on the charity website. The charity helps disadvantaged children by providing them with food, education, housing and health care, this charity, this gives Emirates competitive advantage as they have their own charity and makes them stand out from other airline who don’t have their own charity. To be environmentally responsible the airline is investing in new economically efficient aircrafts which produce less CO2 and are a lot more environmentally friendly, one of these planes is the Airbus 380 which is a very efficient plane and has a fuel consumption low as 3.1 litres per 100 passengers per kilometre, organisations need to do this as there are lots of people who care a lot about the earth’s environment because of global warming and they believe the reason behind this is greenhouses gases caused by planes, cars and other things that cause pollution of CO2.  However these environmental and ethical responsibilities can give the company somewhat competitive advantage as people who care about ethics and the environment will choose to travel with them, but however other people who just want cheaper fare might not be bothered about what the company does to be ethically and environmentally responsible.

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Another factor would be to be responsible to stakeholders an example of this: Emirates have many different stakeholders like customers and shareholders. Emirates has to be responsible to its customers because they are paying for a good service to be provided by the airline and also the company will make its money of its customers so they have to keep their customers happy or it will have be a loss for the company. A very important Stakeholder the company has to be responsible to is the shareholder as they are the people investing in the business so the company have ...

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