Functional Areas

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Applied Business GCSE

      Unit 1 Investigating Business


Part 2

Task 1

Functional Areas

To be able to sell products, specific functions must be performed by staff regularly. In a small business, individual people complete the functions. In medium or large business, such as Tesco, the functions are performed by individuals working as members of functional areas, or departments.

Here is a diagram showing all functional areas.

Here is a short description of all the main functional areas within Morrisons.

  • Finance and Accounts – They record and manage the revenue and costs of the business to calculate how much profit or loss it has made. If there are problems, action must be taken swiftly. Computers and IT mean that financial transactions can be recorded immediately and analysed.


  • Human Resources – They are in charge of all activities carried out by staff. They take care of such things as health and safety and working conditions of all staff. You would contact the human resources department of a business if you were applying for a job there.

  • Production / Operations – The operations function manages resources and the production. And making sure all activities carried out go according to plan. They are also responsible for producing goods and services by making the best use of resources (e.g. people and equipment).

  • Customer Services – The customer services department are responsible for the safety of all their customers’. They provide them with information, advice and after-sales service, and deals with customer complaints.

  • Administration / IT Support – The administration and IT support functions are responsible for a range of tasks which help the business run smoothly. Also all businesses receive information daily, in many different ways. This must be dealt with quickly so that customers and suppliers receive prompt answers.

  • Marketing / Sales - They are responsible for making sure customers know about the business. This may include market research, advertising and sales promotions, the creation and development of a website or web store. The sales department is responsible for selling the items to the customer and keeping sales records.

  • Research and Development – Unless a business is continually expanding and developing its range of products, it cannot succeed. Sales for a new product should gradually increase provided that the marketing mix has understood the market. However, sales will begin to level and then decline. This sequence the product life cycle.  

Here I will talk about three functions of Morrisons in greater detail.

Marketing & Sales

The Marketing and sales department in Morrisons makes potential and existing customers aware of the goods or services that a business sells.

It must ensure that Morrisons sells what customers need or want to buy:

  • Looking at the business from the customer point of view.
  • Identifying customers’ needs and providing for them.
  • Working out what customers will need in the future.
  • Collaborating with the research a development.
  • Department to invent new goods and services.


What is Marketing?

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Marketing is the process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customers’ requirements profitably.

Also the marketing department are also in charge of advertising. Advertising is one of the main things a business carries out in order to get their business known and gives them a good profile. Morrisons are well known for their adverts because they have a variety of famous faces doing it for them.

Promotion is the term used to describe how a business communicates to customers, what it sells, how it will benefit them and why they should buy it from a specific business.


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