Functional Areas at J Sainsbury's:The functional areas at J Sainsbury's are:- Human resources

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How Business’ Work

Task Two:-

Human Resources: Recruitment and Retention

Business Name:

J Sainsbury’s PLC

(Sainsbury’s LTD)


How Business’ Work’-

Task Two- Human Resources: 

Recruitment and Retention

Functional Areas at J Sainsbury’s:

The functional areas at J Sainsbury’s are:-

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Production
  • Marketing And Sales
  • Customer Service

Each functional area operates to support Sainsbury’s aims and objectives and a range of activities goes on in each one.

How the functional areas interact with one another is important. For Sainsbury’s to be efficient and effective there has to be close links within different function areas, especially when their activities are related.

Functional areas are important to Sainsbury’s as if there was no such thing, the business itself would fall apart. Here is a diagram to show how this would happen:-

Human Resources:

The first functional area of J Sainsbury I will be covering is Human resources. Human resources look after and employ the employees who work for Sainsbury’s. Human Resources regard staff as the most important resource for a successful business. If the employees are not motivated and only do the minimum work that is required, then all the products and services that’s Sainsbury’s offer would not make the business successful. If the employees are keen to do their best, are well trained and committed to the aims of Sainsbury’s, then Sainsbury’s will be successful. This is why the human resources department is so important.

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The Activities Of Human Resources Function:

To fulfil its purpose, human resources staff are involved in certain activities. These include:-

  • Recruitment and dismissal of staff
  • Training and promotion of staff
  • Monitoring good working conditions
  • Health and safety
  • Employee organisations and trade unions

The first section I am going to explain is how the human resources department in Sainsbury’s recruit employees.

Recruiting applicants:

The first stage is to identify the vacancy that is needed, Example: - New manager, new shelf stacker etc. After human resources have chosen their job vacancy they start to draw up ...

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