Functional Areas Within ASDA

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Functional Areas within a Business


They are in charge of producing the goods or services in an efficient and well organised way by making use of any available machinery, building and raw materials and any staff.

Human Resources

They are in charge of making sure the business has the right employees for the job and they can work in a safe environment.


They will keep a record of any trade that takes place in the business. Future expansions, the paying of any staff and suppliers, securing finance for any future expansion of the business and preparing the payroll are just some of the areas they have responsibility for.

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Sales and Marketing

Sales would be in charge of customer care before and after the sale as been made. Marketing are in charge of promoting the goods or services on offer and coming up with ideas such as special advertising offers.

Administration and ICT

They ensure the faultless operation of the business. They are in charge cleaning, server management, software support, health and safety, clerical duties, research and dispatching mail.

Functional Areas in Public Limited Companies (ASDA)


They are in charge of the buying of stock from various manufactures and dispatching it to their stores throughout the UK. They ...

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