Functional Areas within McDonalds

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Functional Areas and Communication

Most businesses have various departments each has a function to be in charge of.

Functional Areas of a business

  • Finance and accounts-Preparing a daily report on sales figures
  • Human Resources-Interviewing a member of staff for promotion
  • Customer Services-
  • Administration/IT Support-Repairing a broken
  • Marketing/sales
  • Research and development-
  • Production Operations


The business is split into different areas so as help keep the business running and must be done regularly and unless all the key functions are carried out, the business will not operate properly for example in a supermarket some staff work as checkout operators, others fill shelves and so on. McDonald’s has to use many areas to help keep the business going. They use many forms of communication one most common is via emails. Emails are used throughout the business to transport different information around the business directly to the departments that make up the up the business. Telephone is another good way of getting news transported around the business and is also much easier than an email as it is much easier to explain via telephone. There are also many other ways in which to get different material around the business and these include:

  • Tone
  • Written
  • Video
  • Staff Meeting
  • Technology
  • Oral
  • Graphical
  • Memo
  • Notice
  • Urgency
  • Complexity

Functional Areas within McDonald’s                                                


Human Resources

Human Resources in overview cover the following areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Evaluation and Management
  • Promotions
  • Redundancy
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee personal Data
  • Career Development
  • Compensation, Pensions etc

The Human Resources department in McDonald’s will look after all the employees that work at McDonald’s whether they work at the tills or work at the office. McDonalds will look at each employee; they will look at how they are working and whether they deserve a promotion. The Human Resources department will also have records of former employees and what position they had in the company, this will determine the amount of pension money they will receive when they turn fifty-five years old. When there is an accident in the business then the human resources department will provide compensation for the employee. Take for example at McDonalds if somebody is burned by something hot falling on them and it wasn’t their fault then they are eligible to seek compensation. With regards to Recruitment the Human Resources department at McDonald’s will have to identify that there is a vacancy then they must decide where to advertise it and then when all applications have been gathered in then they have to decide which applicants should be interviewed. Then along with that the human resources department have to interview the applicant or arrange the meeting with the applicant who will then see the person in charge. Then the Human Resources department has the tough decision of deciding who will take the job and then they have to write to inform the unsuccessful candidates.

The human resources department uses ICT to create spreadsheets which store the employee’s data such as their address, Date of birth and Postcode. The Human Resources department will also use ICT to inform employees of changes within the business whether it is redundancies or some other news. They will also use ICT to inform people of Job vacancies such as on the website or by creating posters to be pinned up around the town or in Job centres.

When a person is interviewed for a job they should be interviewed they should be told about their conditions.

The terms and conditions of employment are found in the contract of the employee, which relates to the location, hours in which working,holidays,sick pay, pension and how much time in advance to be given if the employee wants to leave.

Which other departments do the human resources department work with?

The human resources department work with the finance department and Production. They work along side the finance department for many reasons; they have to find out via the finance department how much money to pay the employees.


The marketing department have to be one step ahead of the customer, they have to predict what the customer will buy and then the design department will try and produce what the marketing department requests, Such as recyclable packaging or a specific design on the happy meal box say if a new film has come out then the marketing department will have the box created so as to attract the customer to buy the product as it contains the stars from their favourite movies. In order to find out what a customer wants they will first have to do some market research, look at what is already being done so as to try and better that. Market research also requires getting to the customers level and asking them what they think of different products and what they think should be brought in. The most common way in which to find out the customer’s opinions is through questionnaires which are used on many occasions and in multiple businesses. Marketing department will also take part in promotional activities such as advertising on the internet, TV adverts and in magazines. They will make the advert in a way which will make the customer think “I wouldn’t mind that” and then this will persuade the customer to then go out and buy the Big Mac or whatever the product is. Marketing department will also have sales representatives which try and find the right product for that customer. If someone for example wanted to buy a computer but they needed on that computer some specific specs then the sales representative will listen to the customer then find the appropriate computer required for the job they need it for. Market research will also carry out a test on new products which are yet to be released so a select number of people from the public will test the product and then they will feed back on the product and say what they think is good but also what they think is bad so the department can make final changes to the product so as to make the product the best it possibly can be.

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How do they use ICT

Numerous activities will require ICT; they will use ICT to create posters which advertise their product. They will use ICT to make the poster look fancy and attractive with various effects that can only be done on a computer. They will also use ICT to create the surveys and the questionnaires, they will also have a database in which they keep all the opinions of the customer and see via the database which is the most common fault the customers have with McDonalds on the surveys.  

They will work with ...

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