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How businesses develop

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To: Mr. Sttorck From: kasun perera Date: 11th September 2003-09-17 Ref unit2: how businesses develop How businesses develop The aim of this report is to produce a portfolio based on an investigation of two contrasting businesses. I have chosen two different companies for my report. It will include a description of type of ownership and the different liabilities of owners. A description off different industrial sectors and currant UK trends in their growth or decline. Description of business activities and current UK trends in their growth or decline. The reason for the location of each business. A Description of the influence of each stakeholder on each business. Of my chosen businesses. Type of owner ship The large company I have chosen is Tesco the reason I chose Tesco is it's a very successfully growing large company. Tesco is public limited company (PLC) (Means that any one can be shareholder) Public limited companies are the largest type of privately owned enterprise in the UK. A PLC has power to rise large amount of capital, through selling it's shares to the public. A Public Limited Company can sell its shares on the Stock Market, the owners of a Limited Company are not involved in the running of the business, unless they have been elected to the Board of Directors This means it can develop the business more easily then private limited company, sole trader. It can also benefit from being a large-size organization. It will be able to buy in bulk, and specialise. Tesco sells Groceries, cloths, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, Computer Games, Electricals, school equipment, Wines and other alcohol drinks. Tesco is currently the leading supermarket in uk. Tesco as a pretty good Competition from other supermarkets such as Sainsbury, Safeway. But Tesco is cheaper then most of the other supermarkets and they offers lot more products. Recoding to Tosco' on average Sainsbury's are 4% more expensive than Tesco and Safeway are 10% more expensive than Tesco. ...read more.


And cheaper imports from abroad. Secondary industries have become victims of drop in primary industries raw materials led to cheaper foreign competition. Statistics shows that tertiary sector has the most employment. (Primary sector has 494,000 employment, secondary sector has 5,079,000 employment and the tertiary sector has 17,664,000 employment) with drop in primary and secondary sector jobs people have naturally moved towards tertiary sector. This means there are more workers available Tesco. Main activities for Tesco and kebab house Core activities for Tesco is food retailing, its secondary activities include selling cloths, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, Computer Games, Electricals, school equipment, Wines and other alcohol drinks. Tesco offers finances such as loans, credit cards ? savings, flexible mortgages ? travel money. They also offer insurances such as motor insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance travel insurance and breakdown cover, as they're other activities. One of the other service there do is Internet shopping, making life much easer for customers. In store Pharmacy all so adds up to the services they offer. Tesco has grown into one of the country's leading Pharmacy chains through offering customers the personal touch of the community pharmacy. Tesco also offers communicational services such as Tesco Internet access and Tesco home phone. (Tesco home phone is it's a new service from Tesco offering cheap home phone calls.) Main activities for kebab house is retiling goods and making deliveries. . There for all the activates have to be made in person or by the phone. Kebab house don't have many activates like Tesco because kebab house is a small business and the Tesco is one of the worlds successful retailers. Tesco attracts customer by advertising on TV, Internet, leading Newspapers and Margarines. Tesco also sends leaflets with the local newspaper, about reduced prizes and new products. By doing this Tesco keeps it's customers up to date with new products and reduced prizes. ...read more.


(Council charges Texas from the company or the shop) Shareholders are stakeholders because they own part of the Tesco. Employees and employees are interest in good wagers, safe place to work, and good work place to work in. Local community is interested in good environment. The supplies main interests are medium to a long tram contacts with grantee payment. Customer's main interest in Tesco is good value for money, safety, and reliability. The interest and expectations of the stakeholders change over time for a example if an employee of Tesco been working there for number of years on the same salary he might think it's time for a change in salary or even a new job in a different department the employee would go to the Tesco and ask if they would give him rise or not, as a result this could this could influence Tesco's decision because if they want to hang on to the employee they might have to reconsider his salary. Stakeholders can change the decision of Tesco in various ways such as if their supplier would stop selling a particular item, Tesco would have the decision of stop selling that game or look somewhere else for that item. The influence of stakeholders on Kebab House The stakeholders in Tesco are the people who have an n interest in how well the business performs. Because kebab house is fast food outlet it has small number of stakeholders unlike Tesco. They include the owner, employees, customers, local community, council and bank. Owner is also a stakeholder because he owns the shop. Employees are interested in good wagers and a safe place to work in. local community is interested in good environment, healthy food. (Local community is interested in healthy food because they're the customers.) customers main interest in kebab house is new and healthy foods, good service, low prices and well kept food. The interest of the bank is that kebab house put their money in the bank account there for making the bank richer. Where I got my information from: GNVQ BUSINESS STUDIES book, http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/business/ (BUSINESS STUDIES GLOSSARY) ...read more.

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