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How Businesses Monitor Customer Service.

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Delivery of customers service Task 1 (P5) Business will monitor and evaluate their customer service so they can solve and introduce improvement. Every business would want to deliver good customers service this can be done in a lot of ways however it depends on the size and type of the business. As a supermarket you would want good informal customer feedback because they are your customer who bring money into the business, to provide customer service the easiest and cheapest way possible would be to ask if everything alright just before they leave even when someone is looking for a product you could always just ask them would you like help or are you alright? ...read more.


company and the store, By getting feedback from the staff could be a benefit the company can know what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. This can be useful in many ways because the business would want to know the what types of problems the staff have, once they find the problem out they can solve the matter . Every customer should be treated the same at all time, some big superstore like Tesco could send in a secret shopper because the staff wont know who their actual head office staff are so therefore the member of staff who will go to visit will go and observe the customers service and come back with some feedback it could be positive or negative feedback which could benefit the organisation. ...read more.


except and want, however all the result will be used to measure the expectations from customers and we shall take this into action. We want as many results because this will help us to create excellent customers service in the store and out. The result will all be checked and we shall take every questionnaire into action and proceed customers needs. Questionnaire - Please Tick your answer.... Excellent Good Average Fair Poor Was staff was available in a timely manner when you needed help ? Did the staff greet you and offered to help you ? Staff was friendly and cheerful throughout. Staff answered your questions accurately. Staff showed knowledge of the products/services. Staff offered pertinent advice. Staff was courteous throughout. Overall, how would you rate our customer service? ...read more.

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