How Landrover's Human Resources department operates

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Essay on how Landrover’s Human Resources department operates  

At Land Rover, The Human Resources department, makes Land Rover more competitive in the market, a vast majority of influences take place in making Land Rover competitive. The planning of manpower of Land Rover contributes to making them more efficient  and operative. This is because, the manpower plan is a system which delivers where all staff members should be situated and what are there functions. It helps staff identify how to operate and also it shows how the process of colour production is made effective.

Moreover, The Human Resources department of Land Rover makes the organisation, competitive by placing a performance management system. Assessment of Land Rover employees is a situation. This process is welcomed by both managers and employees as long as it is done fairly and systematically. The process of assessing employees is called ‘Performance Appraisal’ and is normally carried out by the employee’s immediate superior.

Herzberg suggested that ‘Satisfiers’ such as recognition and personal growth motivate employees to work to the best of their ability. Land Rover agree with his theory and therefore use appraisals as a form of performance management to analyse which areas the employees need to be motivated on.

The person carrying out the appraisal is called the appraiser and the person being appraised is the appraisee. Appraisal usually follows a standard format:

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First, the appraiser writes an appraisal report on the employee in question.

This can be done in a number of ways:

· A blank sheet of paper can be used which gives the appraiser the freedom to write whatever they like.

· A form can be used which has spaces to fill in notes on particular issues- this ensures that all issues are covered.

· A rating form- for each heading, the appraiser gives the appraisee a mark out of ten or a grade.

Probably the best choice would be a mixture of all three. The essential features of an ...

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