Human Resource Management at the Palms Hotel.

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Analyses report of the success of a business’s policies

Unit 20 Assignment 1

Human Resources in hospitality

In this report I will be analyzing the success of three policies in The Palms Hotel & Spa.


Working Hours Policy

A full time employee in The Palms Hotel & Spa has a basic day of 8 working hours and a meal period of 30 minutes. The Palms Hotel & Spa usually locate the employees work schedule in a designated area in each department, although in this hotel workers do not have a permanent work schedules, due to the nature of the hotel, their schedule change’s depending on the circumstances of the hotel. If an employee wishes to take days off he would head to his head of his department but before that he has to finish his weeks worth of work schedule. The Palms Hotel & Spa offers the overtime pay, which is basically if an employees needs to stay extra hours in the hotel for a certain reason in his department but an employee can not work overtime unless approved by the head of his department in order to record and approve the extra time and work that is done by the employee, also employees that work over time get paid one and one-half times their regular rate.
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Based on the analysis through this chart above as well the online employee reviews, I have realized that employees were satisfied with the work schedule policies, which shows the success of the hotels work policy. Although Several employee stated that they are unsatisfied with the policy due to the fact that The Palms Hotel & Spa have a schedule that is not set which means it can change any time regarding the times or days where employees have to work, therefore this type of environment is not suitable for a employee with family but it a hospitality business ...

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