Human Resources Department.

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Human Resources Department

The employees are the most important resource in a business. There are many other resources, which are money (capital), buildings, equipment, land and materials.

The Human Resources department must motivate all employees in order to have a successful business. If employees work hard and are satisfied with there job then the Human Resources department have succeeded in doing there objective which will lead to accomplishing the departments aims.

To keep an employee happy the Human Resources department must make sure that the following is available for all the employees,

  • Good working conditions.
  • To be treated fairly by your boss.
  • To know you are working in a safe environment.
  • To have opportunities to take further training.
  • To be able to develop yourself and have the opportunity to gain promotion.
  • To have protection against victimization, harassment, discrimination, and unfair dismissal.
  • To be treated equally, no matter what your gender or race or whether you are disable in some way.

Human Resources department have many different activities, such as,

  • The recruitment, retention and dismissal of staff.
  • The training, development and promotion of staff.
  • The monitoring and maintenance of good working conditions.
  • Health and safety.
  • Liaison with employee organization and trade unions.


The Human Resources department is responsible for recruiting new staff. There is a recruitment policy, which everyone must follow.

The cost of recruiting is high so the Human Resources need to make no mistake because mistakes can cost more money for the business.

Recruitment is a lengthy process and can be broken down into stages, which are,

  • Notification of the vacancy.
  • Constructing a job description.
  • Writing a person description.
  • Finding candidates.
  • Sending out applications forms and job details to job center’s and other job agency’s to find people who are interested in that particular job vacancy.
  • Considering applications.
  • Shortlisting.
  • Interviewing shortlisted candidates.
  • Selecting.
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All companies want to keep their staff turnover low. They can do this by retaining their staff.

Companies want to keep their staff over low because hiring new staff willing cost money because the company has to train them.

Companies can retain there staff by giving all employees good pay rate, promoting them, giving them a suitable working conditions, being equal to all staff, offering further development opportunities and making sure the staff do not get bored of the work.

These are factors, which can motivate staff.


The Human Resources department, have the responsibility ...

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