I will be finding out how human resources management affects Park View Academy and school in general. I will be explaining each sub- category. Human resources planning Recruitment & selection Training & developing

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Human Resources Management


This unit is about human resources management. The purpose of human resources management is to recruit, develop and utilise the organisation personnel in the way that is the most appropriate to the achievement of the firm goal and objectives. I will be finding out how human resources management affects Park View Academy and school in general. I will be explaining each sub- category.

* Human resources planning

* Recruitment & selection

* Training & developing

* Performance management

Human Resources Planning

Human resources planning is getting the right people, and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation. To recruit best people in the most effective way and to identify any problems that are likely to occur, and come with solutions to the problems identified. It is also about providing for example in recruiting the best people, and then coming departments such as operations and marketing with the correct number of appropriately skilled employees to accomplish their targets. In order to achieve this a long term focus is required. Workforce planning is therefore an integrated process. It requires an overview of the whole operation of the business in order to use human resources successfully to create a competitive advantage. The future position of the firm must be considered. That means the workforce must be put in place, which will allow the strategic plan of the business to be put into effect.

Why is human resources planning important to the school

If the teachers are not motivated and only do the minimum amount of work that is required or if the teachers are keen to do their best and are well trained they are more likely to be committed to aims of the school. It also involves matching up the type of teachers to the need of the school. For example, the skills and competences needed the new employees to have. For example, if schools needed a replacement teacher or within that school teach lessons which were recently not available at that schools e.g. a school gives choice of Spanish &Italian then decides to give the option of French but only has one teacher qualified to teach that subject. Because this teachers will be busy teaching other subjects an new teachers qualified to teach French must be found so the lesson can be taught but if they aren't available to take this job then French can't be taught at the school.

Why is human resources planning important to Park View Academy

Human resources is important to Park View because for example, Park View wants the best candidate for English teacher. It needs to find about how many people have these capabilities and able to recruit them and finds ways of training and developing people who meet these skills requirements. Many teachers are looking for good working condition, to be treated fairly by their boss, to know that they are working in a safe environment, and to be treated equally, no matter what their gender or race. Therefore Park View has to attract and retain, high quality teachers and to train and develop all staff to enable them to reach their maximum potential.

Number of teacher's hired &left Park View in 2001

In 1999 50% of teachers left to due to the school being refurnished & renamed from Langham to Park View Academy this was done to improve the quality of education for its students and has led to the school's tarnished reputation being almost forgotten and an influx of new & highly qualified teachers. Between 2000& 2002 85% of teachers have been hired in 2000, 105 teachers started and in 2001 and 24 of these teachers left this means that a large amount on the money used fir the training & recruitment process was wasted because when those teachers left the whole process had to be restarted and more money had to be spent on finding then replacement In the summer term 2002, 9-10 teachers will be leaving various department and 9-10 new teachers have already been selected This means that these departments have to spend a large amounts of there allocated budget of on recruiting and selecting new staff.

Why do teachers decide to leave?

Teachers decide to leave teaching and or transfers for many reasons and these can include:

* Not enough pay to live on with their current life style

* Student behaviour

* Tired of teaching

* Transferring

* Retiring

Stopping staff turnover

Staff turnover will only stop when school management makes sure that staff are being treated properly at work and that they have opportunities, for example, for training and promotion they want. Part of this involves motivating staff, this could be getting them to work harder because they want to. If staff can be persuaded to stay, this cuts down on the cost of advertising and recruiting new staff and also on the training of staff. Low staff turnover indicates that the staffs are happy where they are and that the school is happy with its staff.

What is the government doing?

The government is paying £1000 to anyone who becomes a student teacher and this money will only be presented after successful completion of the first year of training.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment & selection is about selecting and keeping the best people to work for the organisation. It also about the job analysis, for example, when advertising a job, it must have clearly explaining what duties and responsibilities of the job will be. The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to acquire a suitable number of employees with appropriate skills. There are three stages to this process:

* Determining the human resources requirements of the organisation

* Attracting suitable candidates for the vacancy

* Selecting the most appropriate candidate

Why is recruitment & selection important to school

Recruitment & selection is important because the school needs the right teachers for the right subjects. Candidates who match the description that has been required are selected and the candidate is given an interview. It is also important to teachers because teacher's recruitment is responsible for supporting the school with a successful recruitment of teachers, providing information and advice, training newly qualified teachers and selecting those with potential to train as teachers.
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Why is recruitment & selection important to Park View Academy?

Recruitment & selection is important to Park View because Park View needs to check which applicant best meets the criteria set down for the post, interview and finally select the best candidate. For example, if Park View ends up choosing a n unsuitable candidate for the job, then Park View will be suffering form having poor teachers and teachers will be teaching three different subjects at time. same. This means that Park View will need to put more effort in to the advertisement, so that they could ...

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