Investigate the value of stake and interest in the company and how the stakeholders affect the business - Tesco PLC and Guilford Spectrum.

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Unit 2   People and Business


In this coursework I have been given external tasks on two businesses I have to choose, to investigate the value of stake and interest in the company and how the stakeholders affects its business. The two businesses that were given were Tesco PLC and Guilford Spectrum. The business that I chose is Tesco because it is a large retailer and it would be easy to obtain information.

Task 2A The role and importance of stakeholders

This task shows the fundamental aspects of stakeholders and how it affects retailers such as Tesco, which implicates the value of the interest of Tesco which bring the business to success.

A stakeholder is a  or  with a legitimate interest in a given situation, action or enterprise. Internal stakeholders are people who work for or own the business who have certain interests in the business i.e. employees, managers, owners. The internal stakeholders are:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Owners
  • Financiers

External stakeholders are on individuals or groups who have some interest in the business i.e. customers, suppliers. The external stakeholders are:



-Pressure Groups

-The Local Community




The external stakeholders of Tesco’s are:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Non-governmental organizations

The internal stakeholders of Tesco’s are:

  • Staffs (Employees)
  • Owners

Internal Stakeholders 


External Stakeholders

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The pyramid shows the hierarchy of the business, owners are at the top due to them owning the business. Managers are in the middle due to them managing the every day running and management of the business. Employees are at the bottom as they are the working forces who maintain the rate at which the business moves.

Stakeholder Influences


Employees may want an increase in pay rise. Staff has a very strong interest in Tesco; they have an interest in the business in the form of wages, bonuses, ...

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