Job Analysis Investigate personnel requirements and undertake a job analysis for an identified position

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Unit 11  -  Recruitment and Selection


        Assessment 1           Question 1                   Job Analysis


1.        Investigate personnel requirements and undertake a job analysis for an identified position.


Note:        The requirement is to conduct and document a Job Analysis in a formal management document. The document should include the use of an accepted model of analysis and justification of the chosen method and why others were not used. For this assignment I have chosen to analyse my own current job.    


Job analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing and setting out information about the contents of a job. This process is critical if the employer is to find the ‘right man for the job’ and will involve taking a look ‘outside the box’ and perhaps re-evaluating some of the requirements which may not have been considered in the current position, assuming the post already exists! The job analysis will involve the examination of the work and its component parts and all of the circumstances in which the job is performed.  

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Reasons to re-evaluate the position may be due to the company has had a change of organization, the company strategy has moved or the skill levels required have altered. If these vital elements are not considered from the outset, then the outcome could well be the ‘wrong man in the wrong job’.  

The analysis process could be broken down into three key areas namely:-

  • Tasks specific
  • Behavioral requirements
  • Personal requirements

For the purpose of this job analysis I have chosen the ‘Skills Based’ method of analysis and the job chosen is my own position, ...

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