Looking at life.

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looking at life.

it's easy to see.

the things.

that break me.

I know a lot of people.

but only a few get to know me.

I love to sleep.


and have fun.

live the life.

not letting life run me.

I have a heart.

but I choose when to use it.
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I like to help people.

but refuse help when I need it.

I want to give it up for God.

but yet again.

and again.

I stop myself.

I cower in the corner.

when people ask.

who I am.

what I believe.

It's so important.

so passionate.

and yet it hides.

deep inside.

where only those who I choose.

can get to see it.

I allow the evil.



grip me.

I let it hold on.


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