Marketing, administration and customer services.

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In part b of this coursework, I need to talk about three functions from one of the company that I chose for part a, and I chose the company Richer Sounds to talk about. I have chose marketing, administration and customer services


Richer Sounds’ marketing director is Claudia Vernon. She works with her colleagues to look at a wide range if activities which can be grouped into four main areas.

The main activities for Richer Sounds’ Marketing department are:

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Point-of–sale


Marketing is about analysing all the feedbacks from the customers which helps the company to decide on what products to introduce and what promotions to give.

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In this section the colleagues design in-store catalogues and all their advertisements, which are press on local newspapers and specialist magazines. There are about 11 in-store catalogues produce each and every year


POS looks after all the shops of Richer Sounds to make them look very interesting and lively, this also includes all the fixture and fittings plus the lighting and flooring.

It is also responsible to keep every shop clean and tidy to meet the needs of all the customers.

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This is another responsibility for marketing which covers every area of the ...

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