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GCSE: Marketing and Markets

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What is the 'marketing mix'?

  1. 1 Businesses use the marketing mix to reach more customers. A common mistake of students is to concentrate on just one aspect of the mix (usually product or promotion) rather than realising that businesses use all four parts of it to meet the needs of its target market.
  2. 2 Product is every aspect of the product itself. This includes its features, appearance, design and the product range. Many businesses will look for a USP (unique selling point) which makes it different to its rivals. The product must be aimed at a particular target market and a business will need to decide this in advance.
  3. 3 Price is the amount that it charges customers. There are several strategies that can be adopted here e.g. competitive pricing (basing your price on competitor’s prices), cost plus pricing (adding a mark up to the cost of producing the product), penetration pricing (low price to encourage trial). The price should relate to the product i.e. high quality and high price.
  4. 4 Place is where customers can buy the product and how it gets there. This can include supermarkets, boutique stores, online only etc.
  5. 5 Promotion includes all the ways that the customer finds out about the product. A common mistake for students is to think it is only advertising but promotion might also include money off vouchers, sponsorship, public relations. Another common mistake is to not relate the promotion to the product. A small business is not going to advertise on TV.

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  1. This report will focus on the adult palliative care provided by SAH proposing a marketing strategy to take the organisation forward. The report will outline a situational analysis

    care provision in the UK 2005 Figure 11 - Population Statistics Figure 12 - The Current Marketing Structure SAH Figure 13 - Organisational Objectives Figure 14 - Marketing Objectives Figure 15 - Resource Attraction Figure 16 - Resource Allocation Figure 17 - Health expectancy table Figure 18 - The Current Marketing Mix Figure 19 - The SWOT analysis Figure 20 - Organisational Specific Problem Figure 21 - Marketing Specific Problem Figure 22 - Segmenting and Targeting Figure 23 - Evaluating the viability of marketing segments Figure 24 - A Typical Hospice Volunteer Figure 25 - The Services Marketing Mix Figure

    • Word count: 9079
  2. Marketing Plan for the Targe' Full Service Spa Salon

    We will have a full line of hair care services ranging from wash, color, conditioning treatment, cuts and extensions. Nail care services are intended to soothe and comfort our customer's hands and feet, with added functions such as nail art and silk wraps. Our hair removal treatments will offer facial and some body waxing as well. Facial care services will include quick simple exfoliating and toning to complex ultimate facial treatments. Last area of treatment will be massages. Whether the customer's need is a simple foot massage, or release of stress with a deep tissue massage, we will meet the need.

    • Word count: 7233
  3. This assignment is based on my knowledge of Marketing. Within this assignment you'll find reasons of why I have chosen to study marketing, what I believe marketing is and what is involved within the long chain of marketing

    A customer's need is a basic necessity that a person has in order to survive whereas a want is desire for a certain product or service. For example food, drink, shelter and warmth are all needs and a want would be to have desires such as a big luxurious house, expensive restaurants and pricey bubbly champagne. Wants are unlimited as there is no limit to the amount of goods and services people would like to consume. The aim of the business is to convince customers and consumers that they cannot survive without their particular product or service.

    • Word count: 3668
  4. I am going to carry out feasibility into opening a Night Club. The Night Club will be named Club 40/40 and will be located in Central London.Central

    We are all in same sector or industry however 40/40 Night Club will set it self-aside from other. I have carried out my market research and it shows that my main competitor are using price as a strategy to gain high level of market share. THE COMPANY Club 40/40 will supply quality leisure service to its customers, which will involve selling high quality service. We will be different from our competitors by producing very high service to customer and my customer service will be outstanding The elaborated dance club situated in a spectator setting, which comfortably accommodates 350 guests, will characterize the Nightclub.

    • Word count: 5289
  5. This report also includes Government of India policies to support marketing in small business ventures. An evaluation of these marketing policies is also included in this report.

    The efficiency of marketing determines the sales and profits of the entrepreneurial ventures. The small businesses are able to prosper with a very significant marketing system. The marketing mechanisms differ from one industry to other industry. The tiny and ancillary units adopt simple mechanism and medium and large scale organisations adopt full- scale marketing mechanism. In certain cases the marketing of goods or services is entrusted marketing agencies, specialised in marketing operations. Some of the main features of marketing are: * It is a creative function, * It promotes trade and employment, * It co-ordinates finance, production, distribution.

    • Word count: 4613
  6. After evaluating the local area of Moseley, I have realised there is a serious lack in exquisite restaurants. Moseley is a very respectable area, therefore I feel this has given me the opportunity to open a respectable restaurant

    One of my main aims for my business is to make a lot of profit, maximum if possible. I must also make my business known through means of advertisement - leaflets, brochures radio and televised advertising. An adequate business plan is vital for my company, this will allow me to gain financial support form banks in order to provide me with the start-up capital I need. In order to conduct my research I must create a marketing strategy to conduct my marketing research.

    • Word count: 3286
  7. The purpose of this report is to explain what is marketing associated with fast-moving consumer goods companies, why it is important and the role it plays in the profitability of the company.

    that the consumer usually buys frequently, immediately and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort. These goods are under the category of convenience products and belong to the non-durable products (Kotler, Brown, Adam and Armstrong, 2004, p.391). Consumers buy these goods on a regular basis, such as refined edible oil, toilet soaps and detergent powders. Goods, such as biscuits, magazines are impulse products. They are usually low priced and widely available. The major players involved in fast moving consumer goods industry include Protector and Gamble (P&G), Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) and Unilever (Unilever, 2004). 3 Definition of marketing "Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods,

    • Word count: 3884
  8. Discuss the concept of marketing within the context of the public/government sector

    The marketing mix is the organization's overall offer or value to the customer. The 'Marketing Mix' is a term used to describe the combination of tactics used by a business to achieve its objectives by marketing its products or services effectively to a particular target customer group. Businesses need to make sure they are marketing: "the right product to the right person at the right price at the right place and at the right time." The aim of doing this is to gain a competitive advantage (De Wit and Meyer, 1998)

    • Word count: 5033
  9. Marketing mix

    Then the paper emphasizes on services, its characteristics and how they differ from goods. This discussion leads to the introduction of the new scope of marketing, the services marketing, to support some of the distinct characteristics of the services. In the paper we also go through the concept of emergence and importance of service marketing in comparison with the earlier existence of product marketing. The stages of the evolution of the services marketing are discussed in brief. The paper then proceeds to discuss the current model of services marketing and how it differs from the traditional model.

    • Word count: 7483
  10. The marketing models I will evaluate will be SWOT and PEST analysis, the product life cycle, the Boston Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix.

    This is the end of the product and its life cycle. The table below shows examples of where some of Cadbury's products lie in the product life cycle. Stage Example Introduction Snaps Growth Under 99 calorie range (Dairy milk) Maturity Dairy Milk, Twirl, Flake Decline Fuse The table shows that most of Cadburys products are in the maturity stage. This is beneficial to Cadbury because their sales for each product will have peaked, resulting in high profits. However, at this stage, there are many competitors with similar products and Cadbury must be careful the products don't become saturated and then, like the fuse bar, be declined.

    • Word count: 3186
  11. The marketing of the Bridge Cafe Buffets is aimed towards all age groups. As the Bridge is part of the church buffets are offered for weddings

    With this type of relationship with the client it is hoped that they will use the service again. The buffet service prides itself on producing home made and home baked products fresh to the client, which is catered to all sized buffets. Buffets can be organised at short notice (twenty four hours) and still uphold the same home made traditions. The marketing in practice fits in with the definition "Marketing is the management process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably" (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)

    • Word count: 3205
  12. Marketing report for a new small business

    The commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. From Dictionary.com In general, marketing activities are all those associated with identifying the particular wants and needs of a target market of customers, and then going about satisfying those customers better than the competitors? This involves doing market research on customers, analyzing their needs, and then making strategic decisions about product design, pricing, promotion and distribution. From http://iws.ohiolink.edu/moti/homedefinition.html 2. Methodology This report is to provide Janice Reynolds the information that she needs to start her business and also the market she will need to set up a sole trader successfully.

    • Word count: 4021
  13. Marketing in Action

    Finally, the report identifies recommendations and possible options for improving production and the financial viability of Skinclad. MACRO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS PEST ANALYSIS A1 A PEST analysis is an environmental scan of the macro economic factors impacting on the operations of an organisation. It analyses the following factors and its relation to the UK Textile industry: * Political * Economical * Social * Technological The relevance of this analysis is significant in gauging world trends and its consequent role in influencing social, cultural, technological, demographical and economical factors.

    • Word count: 4190
  14. Marketing Mix

    Examine your packaging design, materials used, size and quantity. By analysing the market and its requirements, you will be able to change the product or develop the product in order to match that requirements of the people you are aiming at. You also need to remember that your customer's needs are likely to change and therefore your products should constantly change to reflect each market change, if you ignore these changes your products will no longer be needed or desired by your target customers.

    • Word count: 3148
  15. marketing study - biolife

    The S.W.O.T is to analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the product's marketing plan. BACKGROUND As technology advances, the environment has also start to become more and more demanding and competitive with each and every individuals' pace life always on the increase as time goes by. Hence, health has also become a major issue of concern when stress level increases. Generally, any forms (physical, mental or emotional) of health problems can arise out of stress. Symptoms such as fatigue, depression, flu, migraine are just some of the more commonly found ones, with fatigue being the mildest and most common of them all.

    • Word count: 4957
  16. AVCE Business marketing mix

    If a product or service is not accessible to potential customers, then no matter how well it has been priced and promoted, it will not be successful. Price involves pricing a product or service at the right price. This is an important factor since customers believe that the price should always be offered at value for money. There are two factors, which need to be considered when making decisions on price: * Price determination * Pricing Policies Both of these factors need to coexist within price or price will be unsuccessful; for example price determination.

    • Word count: 3790
  17. This report will systematically explain the concept of market segmentation together with examples of how Dyson can segment its markets.

    Niches often search for special features, for which they are prepared to pay for. This puts companies using niche marketing under pressure since they have to achieve great understanding of its customers needs. Since the niches are rather small, the competition will also be smaller and this can create opportunities for small companies to serve customer needs that others have not recognised. Micromarketing Micromarketing is concerned with specially design their marketing mix to meet the needs and tastes of particular locations or individuals. Local marketing aims to meet the needs and wants of a specific geographical location.

    • Word count: 3798
  18. Gillette - company overview in the form of questions and answers

    The company compliments its huge grooming range with other well established products such as anti perspirant and deodorants. Below is an excerpt taken from the Gillette web site which signals their intent to be and stay as the number one in their field: "In the grooming business, for example, the great majority of male Gillette shavers in developing markets use double-edge blades. The first step up the performance/price ladder for these consumers is to advance to Gillette twin-blade shaving systems or disposable razors.

    • Word count: 3971
  19. Marks & Spencer

    The ready to cook food would be invented for the simplicity to people and to break into the market with more of these inventions in much more variety. I will be creating strategy on Indian food range, on chicken tikka masala curry and chana masala and such, so all the customers whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian can get taste of Marks and Spencer's food, which are experimented by owner, director and chef of Benares, Atul Kochhars who has a passion for Indian food.

    • Word count: 13903
  20. Analysis Ryanair's external Marketing environment and strategy

    By applying this framework to Ryanair it is possible to summarise the key forces in the general environment to present opportunities and threats to the organisation. Political = on May 1, 2003, it will mark one of the most important days in recent European history, the continent will see the biggest expansion of EU to date when ten states become new members. For Ryanair new markets will open which suits its growth plans. = Stansted airport, owned by BAA, is one of the most rapidly growing airports in Europe (www.baa.co.uk/).

    • Word count: 3381
  21. Unit 3- Marketing

    The product of Hayes pool is mainly the swimming complex that they have and as a subsidiary business they have involved a gym facility. The product side of the marketing mix has not been used very effectively; the appearance is very poor as the building seems quite old and has not much design ergonomics or aesthetics towards it. The brand can be related to in terms of 'Hayes Pool,' although Hayes pool is well known around the Hayes radius it does not appear with the big names such as: 'fitness first,' 'Gold's gym,' and other big names.

    • Word count: 3470
  22. Analysis of The Cadbury company.

    George Cadbury became the Chairman of the Company's new Board. The other directors were Barrow and William A. Cadbury (sons of Richard) and George's own two sons, Edward and George Cadbury Junior. The Bournville factory site became a 'series of factories within a factory', as everything needed for the business was produced on site, with tin box pressing plants, carton making units, a design studio and printing plant In 1919, J.S. Fry & Sons Ltd merged their financial interests with Cadbury Brothers Ltd of Bournville Birmingham forming the British Cocoa and Chocolate Company. In 1935 Fry's became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cadbury.

    • Word count: 4125
  23. Services marketing is difficult to define

    There are only industries where service components are greater or less than those of other industries" (Levitt 1972). Others have pointed to the distinctiveness of services which makes the application of traditional marketing principles inappropriate. The nature of marketing is different due to the basic characteristics of services and there are implications for the way in which they are marketed. While there may be little agreement on the definition of a service there is some common ground regarding the basic differences between a service industry and a product based industry.

    • Word count: 4142
  24. In this coursework I have look at car and the product that I have chosen for my sales coursework is BMW 7 series car because I think that, this car is in demand at the moment and I hope to sell it to my customers.

    I will update them with telephone Tell them what is the situation with his car and where is it now and when we can deliver his car 10. delivering the car and thanking them for using our services and they are welcome to use it again Sales process what is going to happen when the customers enters the deal ship to the future arrangements so which that the customer has already brought the car but you have to deliver the car to them and that is the last step in the sales process.

    • Word count: 4713
  25. Produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product

    To achieve this, they will have to look at other magazines that have done well and steal their ideas and readership. Retaining existing market share -this is another aim that cosmopolitan need to be aware of because retaining means holding on to existing customers and making sure they come back to you and don't go anywhere else. This also is cheaper than recruiting, which involves advertising etc... Combating new entrants -one of the key factors in market is the existence and strength of competition.

    • Word count: 11374

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