Marketing: Assess your business idea against each of the following - AIDA, USP, 4Ps

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 Alain Litumba                                                                            Unit 19: Marketing Mix                                                                                                                          


P1: Assess your business idea against each of the following

  • AIDA(s) model of buyer decision making
  • USP(unique selling point)
  • Segmentation(different groups of customer)
  • Target Market(people you are  selling to)
  • Marketing Mix(4P’s)



Attention: This the first step of  customer decision , we  will try  to  Attract  attention of customers, for example;  by putting very low price, by selling  a  unique product or by making attractive promotion .

Information: After, attracting customer’s attention, they would want more information about our product. For example; we could create a website, hire employees and make brochures about our product so customers will find information about them.  

Decision: We have attracted the customers and he is looking information about our product. Now, customers know the price and size of product, they are in stage of decision (they think about, if they should buy the product or not). In this stage, we must influence the decision of buyers. We could influence their decision by our employees, by being the cheapest or by offering vouchers when they buy our products.

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Action: Customers have made their decision, they will make action, whether they will buy from us, from competitors or customers will not buy the product.

Satisfaction: Customers have purchased our product. If the customers are satisfied with our services, they will come back. It is very important that customers are happy with our services, to make customers return we will try to have an excellent customer’ services and we will introduce next time vouchers.

USP (unique selling point)

We aim to see customers return, so we offer many benefits to customers if they ...

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