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Price, Place, Product, Promotion Product Businesses always try to supply products that customers want to buy, at a price that the business can make a profit, and also at a price that the customer will pay for the product. Usually businesses use a strategy called market research. They use this strategy so they can find out what the customers wants on a product e.g. colour and material. A business can then make a product that will meet the customers' wants and needs, the products will hopefully, be successful Even with the preparations made, businesses can still be unsuccessful on that particular product, it may also lose brand loyalty from customers. Research and Developing (R&D) Many businesses spend a lot of money on researching and developing products, part of research is finding out the wants and needs of the customers, Although research and development can also include testing whether an idea will work or not. Testing ideas is very important in research and development, this is because a first idea made will not always work, so research needs to be carried out to alter the fault or to find an easier way, therefore development comes into play and the idea is re-developed to the new idea. ...read more.


F50+ boots accessories The F50+ boot has many high points. It is the first ever boot to be customised to fit the weather, pitch and player style. UPPER: - Minimalist and extreme flexible upper construction. - Innovative construction results in lightweight and glove like fit. - Lace cover increases kick area. - Ad hex. Specially developed micro fibre is extremely thin and soft contributing to a very lightweight boot that is high abrasive resistant and low maintenance. Chassis: - Triple hardness/Density TPU. - Sock liner holds the receptacles for the studs. - Supports the upper with stability and distributes stud pressure. - Comfort chassis - provides extra cushioning and shock absorption. The Product Lifecycle All products have a life span over which customers will want them. This is called the product life cycle. No one buys exactly the same product forever, as their (customers) taste changes, or the business stops selling the product, so an alternative is chosen. Businesses change their products to meet that changed demand. Although some products may come back into fashion e.g. ...read more.


Saturation: On the fourth stage of the life cycle, the sales of the product are not increasing at all, even though the sales are still meticulously high. Adidas would have considered using research and development (R&D) at this point to create or 'upgrade' the boot so they can increase sales, and repeat the life cycle again so the product life cycle increases and lasts longer, this technique is repeated numerous times. Also, Adidas would have considered using the F50+ boot in offers e.g. by buying the F50+ boot you get a free football, this method is called 'added value' Decline: This is the final stage of the product life cycle, the sales of the F50+ boot in this stage are declining, although the marketing campaigns from the saturation stage in the product life cycle could have helped sales revenue and increased, or sold enough to stop product popularity declining too much. This is where the customers see the product as 'old' and they will switch to 'new' products maybe from Adidas or from its competitors Adidas being such a successful busies will have replaced the product already with a new product or upgraded product so that the sales revenue is still being made, and the process will start over again. ...read more.

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