My name is Kamran Hussain and my role is to be a business consultant for M&M and my job is to help M&Ms business to aim the objectives where they need help on which are the following:

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 My role

My name is Kamran Hussain and my role is to be a business consultant for M&M and my job is to help M&M’s business to aim the objectives where they need help on which are the following:

  • Attract new market share segments – this is where if a company wants to have a new target audience for example M&M wants to diversify their product range in order to get a new target audience. For example when pizza hut tries to sell pasta.
  • Increase awareness of their brand – this is when to make the product noticeable where people do above the line promotion which is advertising.
  • Increase market share – this is where people want to increase the amount of market share of their company as which they are different of ways of doing so. For example when domino’s pizza is trying to have a larger market share than pizza hut.
  • Increase sales – this is when a business try to increase the amount of sales in order to raise amount of profit.
  • Increase profits – is done when increasing the amount of the profits
  • Beat their competitors – this is when the business trying different strategies such as destroyer pricing.
  • Continue to expand- this when a business does an expansion for example when a business introduces a new service.

I will discuss each of the strategies down below and decide which will be benefiting and will have my solution when I have then explained each advantages and disadvantages and talk about the reliability and the validity.

  • Diversify by becoming restaurant that also offers a take-away service
  • Introduce a “loyalty card” scheme
  • Diversify by offering healthy eating options

My investigation

M&M have to achieve these aims for order to survive and should be aware that they should know that their on a competition environment. I will explain how should find a way to be able to get their customers to buy their quality pizza and having it on a price on which the customers can afford as they have less disposable income and still having them still earn a decent profit per year and having increasing sales. I will also explain how they should continue to expand such as their competitors are launching websites and having an e-commerce and they should do also and may have to diversify product range this is necessary to do as to gain most of the market share and attract their target audience and increase the sales. The reason why M&M had chosen me as a business consultant is because they want a someone to assist them who have more experience in business than M&M. They may want their consultant to be educated from higher education such as having a master’s degree. M&M expects a business consultant to be responsible for his work and be cautious of his or her actions. M&M will be able to increase their profit by increasing sales into a certain point and decline costs to a certain point. I can increase market share by perhaps diversify product range and using pricing strategies (competition based pricing). They could attract a different marketing segment by attracting people from a different age, gender, socio-economic and many more. They make an awareness of their brand by promoting their product by below-the-line and above- the- line promotions.    

How will I investigate?

I will investigate firstly by doing desk research (using existing data from the business or other sources) order to figure how to think which strategy is the best for M&M. I will be using the internet, book, newspapers, specialist magazine, and more sources. When I have done my research, I will then analyse each piece of the information and I will use that information to know about how can M&M use the strategies and how can each of strategies benefit M&M mainly by using desk research and finding out the advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the advantages and the disadvantages for each of the strategies on whether it is beneficial for order to achieve M&M’s business aims.  I will search other businesses similar to M&M and find out how the strategies affected those businesses positively or negatively and I will focus mainly on how the M&M can follow how other business used those strategies and how it lead them to aim theirs business objectives and become more successful in the market share.

These are examples of desk research below:

Desk research agencies-

They collect data, they then analyse it, and publish the results in journals. This is done by businesses that need information on the consumer markets.

The office of population censuses and surveys-

This carries out a census, which is done every ten years from the government, and this data is for businesses. It includes each person’s such as age groups in different areas, where people live, and employment statistics.

The government’s office for national statistics also publishes data on people’s spending this is called the family expenditure survey, and this includes on income and employment (social trends).

Public libraries have books which have a lot of information, and many also have CD-ROM facilities which is

Some newspapers and specialist magazines for example the grocer and marketing weekly, provide information on market trends.

Internet sites can be useful sources of data, too.

Field research-

Field research gathers new data direct from the consumer. The information collected is called primary data. Field research is useful because it gives the business the exact information it needs, but it is expensive to carry out.

Questionnaires are often used by business. Market researchers are employed to ask questions of the public in face-to-face interviews, either in places such as shopping centres or door to door. Alternatively, the questions can be asked over the phone or the questionnaires can be posted to people’s home.  

Focus groups can be used. These are small, carefully chosen groups of people who discuss a variety of topics of common interest. It is hoped this will encourage those taking part to be more open about their needs and wants.

Consumer panels are groups of consumers who are asked to test a new product are put on the open market. This method of research is often used to gauge reaction to new products such as toiletries and food products.

Test marketing can be carried out by producing a small run of a new product, and testing it in one small area of the country before opening it up to the full market. Testing in a small area means that customer reactions can be gauged before the business produces the product on a large scale.

M&M’s Business- Then and now


Mr. Mike Smith and Mary Dwyer had set up M&M as a private limited company in the year 1985. They buy shares in the company as they do not buy shares in the stock exchange and they also became part-owners of the company. To set up a private limited company there must be at least one shareholder, one director and one secretary, but there is no upper limit to the number of shareholders. They first had two documents which are needed to be sent to the register of companies; the memorandum of association and the articles of association. The reasons why Mike Smith and Mary Dwyer wanted to set up an private limited company is because of limited liability, if the company fails, they are liable for debts only up to the value of the amount they invested in shares, so their personal possessions are not at risk. The two friends had experience high quality pizza when they travelled to the United States of America and they were determined to offer a slightly the same quality product in the United Kingdom. Their first shop was in Manchester and it turned out to be very successful and in two years they had opened three outlets in Manchester. As their business turned successful they were ready to sell their business as a franchise and they thought that it will be a quicker way to achieve their aims. For them, it is when the business that sells right to use its name to sell its products and services. In the year 1988 they sold their franchise and in three years they had sold fifteen franchises and eventually the business were booming. The franchisee had to agree to run the business in the required by the franchisor. This means that quality and standards are maintained. In return, the franchisor will:

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  • Allow the franchisee to use the well-known brand name
  • Provide training to start the business
  • Provide equipment and shop fittings
  • Organise advertising campaigns, including a launch of the new                              business

Each site is licensed to a franchisee at an average price of £2500 and this includes for:

  • Fully equipped outlet
  • Three weeks training and ongoing support
  • Support includes advertising on both national TV and national newspapers

 In 1993 M&M wanted to fund further expansion they floated the business on stock exchange ...

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