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GCSE: People in Business

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What happens during the recruitment process?

  1. 1 Once a business is aware it has a vacancy, the first stage is to prepare a job description which lists all the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the jobholder.
  2. 2 The next stage is to prepare a person specification which details the knowledge, skills, attitude, qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. They will be categorised as essential qualities which an applicant must have and desirable qualities which are preferable.
  3. 3 Now the business will advertise for applicants. This can be in a local or national paper, web site, newsagent’s window or anywhere the business thinks it will attract the most suitable applicants.
  4. 4 People will apply using an application form or with a CV. A shortlist of suitable applicants will be drawn up by comparing them against the person specification. They are then usually invited for selection, which may consist of interviews and test.
  5. 5 A common mistake for students is to think that the process begins with the advert. A company will only advertise for staff once they are sure about the job and the kind of person they want for it. Otherwise, they will be unsure what they are looking for with the advert.

Business organisation

  1. 1 A small business can have all employees reporting directly to the manager as it is small enough for the manager to know what is going on.
  2. 2 As a business gets bigger it will need to have more structure and more than one level of boss, so a manager may have staff reporting to them who have more staff reporting to them. This is known as a hierarchical structure.
  3. 3 A hierarchy must have managers with different responsibilities. These will often relate to the many different functions of the business e.g. marketing, sales, finance, production, purchasing etc.
  4. 4 A hierarchy allows a big business to be organised so that everyone knows their job and responsibilities are clear. It also provides a clear means for communication to flow through the business.
  5. 5 The trend is to have fewer managers so that managers have more staff reporting to them. Removing levels of managers is known as downsizing. Benefits of downsizing include more responsibility for more junior staff which should motivate them and less cost for the business as it employs fewer managers.

Key employment laws in the UK

  1. 1 Discrimination laws – It is illegal to discriminate against certain groups of people when recruiting and in day to day management of them. Specifically an employer cannot discriminate against employees on the grounds of gender, race, age and disability. It is of course acceptable to discriminate on the grounds of ability. Picking the most able person for a job is what the recruitment process is about.
  2. 2 Employment protection – An employee must be given a contract of employment. They are protected against unfair dismissal as it sets out the possible grounds for dismissal. An employer who disregards this after the first two years of employment can be sued for unfair dismissal.
  3. 3 Health and safety – An employer must provide a safe working environment and can be held responsible if it does not.
  4. 4 Minimum wage laws – The minimum that an employer can pay. It varies according to the age of the employee.
  5. 5 The working time directive – Employers cannot expect an employee to work for more than 48 hours in a week without their permission.

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    How important are staff/management relations?

    5 star(s)

    Good staff/management relations lead to high morale amongst a workforce. A happy workforce is a more productive one. The employer will also find it easier to retain its employees. Poor relations can lead to an unhappy workforce and dissatisfied management which is likely to result in reduced productivity and the overall failure of the business. The interests of a company and the interests of it's workforce are often in conflict with each other. A number of practices must be in place in order to simultaneously satisfy the needs of both the business and of it's people.

    • Word count: 612
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Stakeholders At Tesco

    4 star(s)

    Although they are helping Tesco by a significant amount they may take this as a chance of security for their futures and also a chance of meeting new people. Workers at Tesco maintain a big job at hands, as they have to show customers the respect and the idea of customers coming by again. Managers: You may feel that managers have a different type of job to workers as they do different things to workers but in actual fact they too work to live by on.

    • Word count: 746
  3. Marked by a teacher

    M1: Explain how oral communication can be used in business situation

    4 star(s)

    For this communication the person must have strong listening skills and speaking skills. The advantage of this communication is that it is an easy method of confirming something, giving out information or get information for the other person. The disadvantage is that there is no record or written minutes. For example, if an employee has done something which is wrong then the manager will have face to face communication to warn them about it. This is because the face to face communication allows for certain information to be exchanged and the employee can also get feedback on what the problem is and how they can solve it.

    • Word count: 986
  4. Peer reviewed

    location of tesco

    4 star(s)

    However building stores in town centres also means high interest rates so Tesco must be wary of this. I will discuss the location of my local Tesco store in Slough. Tesco found a big area of land available in the town centre of Slough and through Market Research and Investigation they were able to conclude that Slough is a viable location with a stable economy and a high spending power. Also the Town centre brought many benefits for Tesco as firstly it would give them a brilliant return on investment as it would help to establish the company being amongst other well known stores.

    • Word count: 873
  5. Peer reviewed

    Customer service is providing service and information to customers, before, during and after the purchase of a product.

    3 star(s)

    An external customer is someone who does not know much about the company or the products. We need to provide them a lot of information and inform them about all the features and benefits of purchasing a product. We need to work harder and make them aware of our best products. Furthermore, customers can be inbound or outbound. 1. When customers call on our inbound line, they have control on what to buy or not.

    • Word count: 424
  6. Peer reviewed

    Job roles in ASDA.

    3 star(s)

    A director needs to avoid conflics of intrest. Managers The responsibitlies of a manager is to motivate staff, setting targets and recuting and dismissing staff, allocating work, communicating planning and desicion making, problem solving. A manager in ASDA will supervise and manage the overall performance of the staff in the whole department, they also report recommendations and develop stratigies on how to improve to improve on the quality of service and the quantity of sales.

    • Word count: 439
  7. Peer reviewed

    How a business uses ICT to communicate and operate

    3 star(s)

    A further example of oral communication in Ikea is the usage of mobile phones, which employees use to communicate with other employees and managers at the store. This is a very appropriate method of communication for the reason that it is helpful because it can be used in the case of an emergency or when you need to get hold of a fellow employee to discuss matters. Having a mobile phone is useful because you can get in touch with fellow employees without having to arrange a meeting. Written A written method of communication which Ikea use is their catalogue.

    • Word count: 740
  8. Conflict role play. The role play task we had given includes five characters which are Production manager, Foreman, Store-keeper, Union leader and Co-worker

    Foreman Khalfan Rashid Al Busaidi (Role 3) Store-keeper Bashair Al shuaili . (Role 4) Union leader Najma Najim Al Naamani (Role 5) Co-worker Ahmed Said Al Maashani The conflict was between the foreman (Kalfan ) and the store keeper which is myself (bashair), the conflict was all about a delivery of some stock that the foreman (Kalfan) has made and store-keeper (bashair) has failed to purchase it on time because the suppliers took time to deliver the stock. The role play started as we were setting all of us together in production manager's office (Salim), each one of us greeted the manager as he is just new in the organization and we introduced him to our self in person.

    • Word count: 847
  9. Self employment. Describe the skills you will need to run the business successfully and identify the areas need to be developed. P3 M2

    Ability to manage stock, debt and credit will help to maintain good cash flow and operate the business smoothly. * People management skills - the ability to interact with other people and to influence, motivate them ensuring they are helpful and efficient. Problem solving skills are very important when it comes to dealing with staff. Ability to give people the opportunity to express their concerns, disappointments and anger face to face, put things right, or help them see where their thoughts and feelings are misplaced. * Recording and checking performance of the business - a key role for the business owner is to monitor how well the business is doing so that action can be taken if things are going the wrong way.

    • Word count: 919
  10. Career Path decision: Pharmacy vs Dentistry

    Pharmacists have a schedule that they have to stick to (work on week days.) This career is stable, as well as the pay, because if you see 1 or 20 patients a day you are still getting your monthly pay. Often, pharmacists are not self-employed; therefore it would be hard to find a job.

    • Word count: 400
  11. Working in The Legal Environment

    The span of control is wide, and the chain of command is short. The advantages of this, is that team spirit is generally better, as well as the communication better management and workers. Decisions are easier to make, there is less bureaucracy, and also lower costs. Disadvantages include the fact that workers may have more than one boss, different department functions and job roles may be blurred, and the growth of the organisation may be hindered. This structure only works in small organisations, such as partnerships, co-operatives and some private limited companies. Tall structure This has many tiers, and levels of command. These run from the top to the bottom of the organisation.

    • Word count: 801
  12. M3: Compare and contrast the personal selling skills and processes used in two different selling situations

    Otherwise if you do not do that then you might show the customer the wrong product and they may become dissatisfied and might go to your competitors or if you are speaking over the phone then you might give the wrong details to the customer, which can waste your time and also the customer's time. For example if a customer wants to buy a laptop and he/she tell you what kind of laptop they want. Then you should be able to offer them based on their requirements, which the customer is looking for a suitable laptop.

    • Word count: 765
  13. Role and responsibilites of a Sales Assistance.

    It is important to listen and hear customers queries e.g. If customer ask for a product and you haven't got in stock, and you tell him/her that it will be available in two weeks time, you have to make sure that the product will be there on that time, otherwise you will loose the customers. If on the other hand you listen to the customer but are not really paying attention to what he or she is saying, this will be obvious and the customer may get very agitated.

    • Word count: 686
  14. Protecting staff through legislation

    An example of this is football; premiership football players get paid well over �500,000 yet the players on the girl's team only get paid a fraction of it. If the owner of a company is doing this he/she would be breaking the laws.

    • Word count: 320
  15. Skills that are important when dealing with customers

    When interacting with the customer assistant should always have an eye contact, body facing towards the customer and should listen attentively to make the customer know that your full attention is towards him. The employer should not interrupt when customer is speaking because customer might think you are rude. It is also important to be polite so that customer will not think that you are stressed. As the customer is building your impression, it is very important to have good body language as it may give customer idea of what is in your mind.

    • Word count: 707
  16. Dealing with unusal customer situation

    Customer will need full cooperation from the assistant and expect the assistant to give his full attention to them. The customer will also need to know the price of the product and need to know if they can return the product if they do not like and what will be the procedure of it. The customer should be given an assistant who has the knowledge about the cake mixture. The assistant should be able to give the customer the choices of the cake mixture and then ask the customer what type of cake mixture they need. Then the assistant should be able to pick a cake mixture which specification matches the customer's needs.

    • Word count: 746
  17. Monitoring and evaluating customer service

    Training provided to the employees will also develop their interpersonal, presentation and communication skills, which will make the employees aware of how to treat the customer to make them feel more comfortable while talking to them. Customer will find it simple to communicate with the sales assistant, as the staff will be trained to interact with the customer in appropriate way. By monitoring the staff, organization can keep improving the staff as the business progresses. Getting feedback from the customer could improve the customer service for the customer constantly will help the customer to get organisation improved in way that best suits them.

    • Word count: 574
  18. In my assignment, I will be selecting three inter personal and three non-verbal communication skills. I will also discuss these in full detail and I will be explaining how they help effective communication. The scenario that I have chosen is the process o

    Also smart dress code help effective communication because the interviewers would approach you in a more professional manner, for this type of manner u must wear an outfit which very smart. Your dress must also be clean and tidy this include shoe and hair. As you walk in to the room you must have eye contact, look, smile at the interviewer and shake hands, this will give them a good impression of you self. The importance of excellent personal hygiene, how to dress and the way you should present yourself to other people.

    • Word count: 848
  19. Different Types of Training Needs

    Development Plans The results of these, usually gathered from performance reviews or appraisals should consist of an action plan which gives a specific set of areas for an employee's development of a period of time and how they are to be achieved. This is commonly done by them either attending a set of training courses or learning from a more skilled employee.

    • Word count: 436
  20. Identifying 3 Customer Types

    Some won't be able to speak clear English or if they are disabled and can't speak at all. Employees will work better by dealing with people from different backgrounds and need special needs. Customers with mobility problems ASDA will provide them with wheelchairs to get around easier ASDA Superstores which have 2 or more levels are also installing wider lifts which will allow them to get access to higher floors without assistance.

    • Word count: 408
  21. Cabin crew duties - short and long haul duties.

    for take-off and in due course cabin crew take their seats for take-off > Passenger announcements for cabin services and in-flight entertainment > Cabin crew prepares the bar > Oven is put on > Drink service is provided and sooner meals are provided as well > Later tea and coffee service is offered > Clear-in takes place > Afterwards duty free service is available > Then, crew have their meals > Custom and immigration papers are distributed among the passengers > Prepare and close bars for customs and count takings > Cabin is cleared, cabin service is checked for landing

    • Word count: 814
  22. Motivation theories - Maslow and Hertzberg

    The fourth level is the esteem needs which are desires for both adequacy and self-respect. The final level is self-actualisation which is to make actual what people is potentially. It also includes the personal growth and development by following one's own passions and interest. There are some advantages: This theory is useful for managers to understand and satisfy the workers' needs by following the level of hierarchy of needs.

    • Word count: 474
  23. A business needs to monitor and evaluate their customer service. They need to do this to find out what they need to improve in their business so they can improve the bad points

    This will mean people will recommend the business to there friends. Also evaluating customer service can motivate the staff because they feel pressurised to do there best or feel like somebody is interested in what they are doing. Comparing your customer service to another can also help monitor how your customer service is going as you can see if you can improve to compete with other businesses. Such as comparing Tescos to Asda. Overall businesses need to be monitored to keep a high standard in the business otherwise they will decline due to bad reviews or no new or satisfied customers.

    • Word count: 817
  24. Free essay

    Rights and Responsibilites

    Expectations in the workplace Employees might expect: * A fair wage for the work done. * To be treated fairly by the managers and everyone else in the organization. * To work reasonable hours in a clean and safe environment * To receive some paid holidays. * To receive appropriate training for a job. * To join a trades union or staff association. * To be able to access their confidential computer records kept by the business. In return, employees might expect employees to: * Be punctual and co-operate. * Obey all reasonable instructions. * Treat facilities and equipment with care and respect.

    • Word count: 829

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss the factors that influence staff motivation in the workplace. Which do you consider to be the most important?

    "In my opinion, I think the elements of the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management is exceedingly important for the staff motivation. Because each company operates must under the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management whatever large or small organisation. If the firm has not good operation such as good leader and well system, they can not operate in this generation. As the great competitor all in the world in difference commercial circumstance. Each firm must increase their reputation from good management. Generally, there are many factors that influence staff motivation apart from the above three main factors. For instance, increasing salary, insurance, holiday and better working environment are also influence staff motivation in the workplace. To conclude, the main factors that contribute to staff motivation in the workplace have Company culture, Financial reward system and Effective management of people. Undoubtedly, the above main factors also have their advantage and disadvantage. If the firm can proper operate the firm form above system, they must become the distinguished firm whatever small or big organization."

  • "Fayol's management functions and Mintzberg's management roles are two sides of the one coin." Discuss

    "In conclusion, both Fayol and Mintzberg have made theories in order to summarise the responsibilities of a manager. Both have created their works based on personal experience and observations, but have drawn different conclusions. This has resulted due to their different experiences and points of view. Both theories are accepted and widely used in management today and the fact that they can be used in conjunction with one another suggests that whilst they concentrate on different features of management they are still two sides of the one coin."

  • Assess three government policy measures to increase labour mobility

    "In conclusion, I believe that the New Deal has been the most successful method of improving occupational mobility because it has helped people develop skills which can be used in industries where workers are needed. However a weakness of this is that not all the skills taught are relevant and there are still some areas where there is a skills deficiency. On the other hand the best method of tackling geographical immobility is the building of houses and giving benefits to doctors, nurses etc because it gives them an incentive to move to areas where their skills are needed."

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