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GCSE: People in Business

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What happens during the recruitment process?

  1. 1 Once a business is aware it has a vacancy, the first stage is to prepare a job description which lists all the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the jobholder.
  2. 2 The next stage is to prepare a person specification which details the knowledge, skills, attitude, qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. They will be categorised as essential qualities which an applicant must have and desirable qualities which are preferable.
  3. 3 Now the business will advertise for applicants. This can be in a local or national paper, web site, newsagent’s window or anywhere the business thinks it will attract the most suitable applicants.
  4. 4 People will apply using an application form or with a CV. A shortlist of suitable applicants will be drawn up by comparing them against the person specification. They are then usually invited for selection, which may consist of interviews and test.
  5. 5 A common mistake for students is to think that the process begins with the advert. A company will only advertise for staff once they are sure about the job and the kind of person they want for it. Otherwise, they will be unsure what they are looking for with the advert.

Business organisation

  1. 1 A small business can have all employees reporting directly to the manager as it is small enough for the manager to know what is going on.
  2. 2 As a business gets bigger it will need to have more structure and more than one level of boss, so a manager may have staff reporting to them who have more staff reporting to them. This is known as a hierarchical structure.
  3. 3 A hierarchy must have managers with different responsibilities. These will often relate to the many different functions of the business e.g. marketing, sales, finance, production, purchasing etc.
  4. 4 A hierarchy allows a big business to be organised so that everyone knows their job and responsibilities are clear. It also provides a clear means for communication to flow through the business.
  5. 5 The trend is to have fewer managers so that managers have more staff reporting to them. Removing levels of managers is known as downsizing. Benefits of downsizing include more responsibility for more junior staff which should motivate them and less cost for the business as it employs fewer managers.

Key employment laws in the UK

  1. 1 Discrimination laws – It is illegal to discriminate against certain groups of people when recruiting and in day to day management of them. Specifically an employer cannot discriminate against employees on the grounds of gender, race, age and disability. It is of course acceptable to discriminate on the grounds of ability. Picking the most able person for a job is what the recruitment process is about.
  2. 2 Employment protection – An employee must be given a contract of employment. They are protected against unfair dismissal as it sets out the possible grounds for dismissal. An employer who disregards this after the first two years of employment can be sued for unfair dismissal.
  3. 3 Health and safety – An employer must provide a safe working environment and can be held responsible if it does not.
  4. 4 Minimum wage laws – The minimum that an employer can pay. It varies according to the age of the employee.
  5. 5 The working time directive – Employers cannot expect an employee to work for more than 48 hours in a week without their permission.

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  1. The stages involved in recruiting new staff.

    This is good for a business to draw a list up of their specific job description as this gives not only employers but also employees an idea of what they're looking for. So therefore the business will most likely attract workers that they appointed for. Here are list of things that are included in the job description. * The name of the company. * The title of the job. * Wage per hour/Salary per annum/Bonus/Commission. * Times & days of working.

    • Word count: 9292
  2. Where I could get advice on Jobs and Careers. Connexions is a governmental place where young people go to get information, advice, guidance and support service, on getting to where you want to be in life.

    Job centre also sorts out benefits to people who haven't got jobs. Career service at university, college or school is a good source of information because they provide you with an up to date information and guidance to students for career planning. Student Services includes University prospectuses that I can use to get information on all the different universities and all the courses that they provide. This would help me decide on the University and the course I want to progress on to. It provides internet facilities that I can use to go on thousands of websites.

    • Word count: 1034
  3. Function proposal

    The price for a cocktail style event for 50 guests is $2500 - $3350(inclusive of room hire and beverage) with additional guests being $80 each. Children's meals (12 years and under) and service meals are $40 each. To make a booking we require a deposit of $1500 with the balance due 14 days prior to your function. A tentative booking will not be held without a deposit. Payments can be made by cheque, cash or credit card (credit card payments incur a 23% fee). Please note that this price is for functions held during 2008. The prices may be subject to change in 2009.

    • Word count: 2041
  4. Cohesive team building. I am going to describe how to build cohesive teams that perform well and explain how targets are set and team performance is monitored. I will also assess the value of different methods of monitoring the performance of a team.

    * Induction: This may be defined as a series of activities put in place by an organisation in order to make new employees familiarise with their environment, their staff, their working practices and in some cases their new role. When giving induction to people, it needs to include showing the new employee/employees where all the facilities (toilets, first aids, canteens etc) are located, going through the working terms and conditions of the organisation, introduce them to the various departments within the organisation (to the manager of each department if necessary), and also introduce them to some of the staff they are going to be working with.

    • Word count: 2779

    follow: 1. ?n?lytic-Deductive 2. Systems thinking ?nd 3. Inductive-Consensu?l ?n?lytic-Deductive Principle ?n?lytic?l ?ppro?ch ?s ? mode of re?soning is m?de upon st?tements th?t ?re differenti?ted through the ?n?lysis of its own essence or re?l me?ning r?ther th?n their implic?tions, no person?l experiences ?re dr?wn upon bec?use th?t would le?d to bi?ses. The p?ths of its inquiries ?re continuous ?nd/or deriv?tive to n?tur?l sciences. It ?lso emph?sizes on cl?rity ?nd ?rgument chiefly to expl?in theoretic?l queries on the l?ngu?ge th?t w?s used to express those st?tements. While, deductive re?soning interprets its me?nings from the gener?l to the p?rticul?r or much known ?s from c?use to effect.

    • Word count: 7414
  6. Developing Customer Relations

    You need at least three points for each on why this is important Examples from business You need a couple of examples from businesses in each box Personal presentation e.g. personal hygiene, uniform/ dress, hair, makeup jewellery The way an employee presents himself identifies who they are. It is important because your presentation of your self and the business is the customer first opinion if they business is dirty then the customer wouldn't come there again Customers in Tesco & Sainsbury's wear uniform to make them look smart and they have to wear the uniform properly for example an employee

    • Word count: 1347
  7. Skills that are important when dealing with customers

    When interacting with the customer assistant should always have an eye contact, body facing towards the customer and should listen attentively to make the customer know that your full attention is towards him. The employer should not interrupt when customer is speaking because customer might think you are rude. It is also important to be polite so that customer will not think that you are stressed. As the customer is building your impression, it is very important to have good body language as it may give customer idea of what is in your mind.

    • Word count: 707
  8. Dealing with unusal customer situation

    Customer will need full cooperation from the assistant and expect the assistant to give his full attention to them. The customer will also need to know the price of the product and need to know if they can return the product if they do not like and what will be the procedure of it. The customer should be given an assistant who has the knowledge about the cake mixture. The assistant should be able to give the customer the choices of the cake mixture and then ask the customer what type of cake mixture they need. Then the assistant should be able to pick a cake mixture which specification matches the customer's needs.

    • Word count: 746
  9. Monitoring and evaluating customer service

    Training provided to the employees will also develop their interpersonal, presentation and communication skills, which will make the employees aware of how to treat the customer to make them feel more comfortable while talking to them. Customer will find it simple to communicate with the sales assistant, as the staff will be trained to interact with the customer in appropriate way. By monitoring the staff, organization can keep improving the staff as the business progresses. Getting feedback from the customer could improve the customer service for the customer constantly will help the customer to get organisation improved in way that best suits them.

    • Word count: 574
  10. In my assignment, I will be selecting three inter personal and three non-verbal communication skills. I will also discuss these in full detail and I will be explaining how they help effective communication. The scenario that I have chosen is the process o

    Also smart dress code help effective communication because the interviewers would approach you in a more professional manner, for this type of manner u must wear an outfit which very smart. Your dress must also be clean and tidy this include shoe and hair. As you walk in to the room you must have eye contact, look, smile at the interviewer and shake hands, this will give them a good impression of you self. The importance of excellent personal hygiene, how to dress and the way you should present yourself to other people.

    • Word count: 848
  11. Free essay

    In this task I will be talking about the skills that employers value and the reason why they value those particular skills. I have researched these skills and will write them down in this task.

    Team-working skills An employer would love to have an employee that works great in a team. An employer would always look for people who are very wiling to help out other staff members An employee would always look for people with this skill because they want to keep a good atmosphere in the business. If the employee does not have good team-working skills then the employer would think that the person applying for the job would disrupt the harmony of the company. An example of this skill in practice is in football clubs. Football clubs must have players with good team-working skills or else they would have fights amongst each other.

    • Word count: 1137
  12. How Customer Service is provoded in business

    There are a wide range of external customers but only a few can apply to each business, some businesses have a wider range of external costumers compared to other businesses, such as a supermarket will have a wider range of external customers as it will sell a wide range of goods whereas a youth club or nursery will have a smaller rage of external customers as its only aimed at a certain age group. The National Maritime Museum has a wide range of customers and provides everyone access to its historical buildings and unique collectors; as a result the customers have a wide range of needs so they provide products and services to fit their needs.

    • Word count: 1746
  13. Different Types of Training Needs

    Development Plans The results of these, usually gathered from performance reviews or appraisals should consist of an action plan which gives a specific set of areas for an employee's development of a period of time and how they are to be achieved. This is commonly done by them either attending a set of training courses or learning from a more skilled employee.

    • Word count: 436
  14. customer service london zoo

    "Staff working in customer-facing roles such as catering or retail are the public face of the Zoo," she says. "It's really important that they have the best possible training. It's also important to us that staff have the opportunity to develop themselves in their roles." How Train to Gain helped Train to Gain carried out a free skills assessment, looking at staff skills and the Zoo's goals for the coming year. Together, Karen and her skills broker drew up a training plan to help Zoo staff meet the new challenges.

    • Word count: 3233
  15. Identifying 3 Customer Types

    Some won't be able to speak clear English or if they are disabled and can't speak at all. Employees will work better by dealing with people from different backgrounds and need special needs. Customers with mobility problems ASDA will provide them with wheelchairs to get around easier ASDA Superstores which have 2 or more levels are also installing wider lifts which will allow them to get access to higher floors without assistance.

    • Word count: 408
  16. Induction and training

    If an organisation has fully trained staff it benefits customer service in many ways for example satisfied customers, increased sale, repeat business, better public image and edge over the competition. We all know excellent customer service brings higher sales and raises profit which benefits the organisation and the external customers as well as the internal customers. However training new employees would also help them feel more motivated about their job, as well as help them be more familiar with the organisation itself.

    • Word count: 5094
  17. Cabin crew duties - short and long haul duties.

    for take-off and in due course cabin crew take their seats for take-off > Passenger announcements for cabin services and in-flight entertainment > Cabin crew prepares the bar > Oven is put on > Drink service is provided and sooner meals are provided as well > Later tea and coffee service is offered > Clear-in takes place > Afterwards duty free service is available > Then, crew have their meals > Custom and immigration papers are distributed among the passengers > Prepare and close bars for customs and count takings > Cabin is cleared, cabin service is checked for landing

    • Word count: 814
  18. What is Motivation?

    It is therefore such an individual process that a general definition will suffice. A dictionary definition classifies motivation as, 'an enthusiasm or determination to do something; the need or reason for doing something.' (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). Generally we say that a person driven to action by internal or external forces is motivated. The things that drive them are motives, which are orientated toward achieving some goal. We all goal set to some degree, either consciously or unconsciously. All our everyday decisions are based on our drive to accomplish a particular objective.

    • Word count: 2333
  19. Motivation theories - Maslow and Hertzberg

    The fourth level is the esteem needs which are desires for both adequacy and self-respect. The final level is self-actualisation which is to make actual what people is potentially. It also includes the personal growth and development by following one's own passions and interest. There are some advantages: This theory is useful for managers to understand and satisfy the workers' needs by following the level of hierarchy of needs.

    • Word count: 474
  20. A business needs to monitor and evaluate their customer service. They need to do this to find out what they need to improve in their business so they can improve the bad points

    This will mean people will recommend the business to there friends. Also evaluating customer service can motivate the staff because they feel pressurised to do there best or feel like somebody is interested in what they are doing. Comparing your customer service to another can also help monitor how your customer service is going as you can see if you can improve to compete with other businesses. Such as comparing Tescos to Asda. Overall businesses need to be monitored to keep a high standard in the business otherwise they will decline due to bad reviews or no new or satisfied customers.

    • Word count: 817
  21. Communications - In this report I will be investigating the different ways in which the school communicate internally and externally.

    The span of control basically refers to the number of people directly controlled by one person. If you were to look at the chain of command, referring to the way in which orders are passed down throw the organisation, you would be able to see that it would be able to flow in many directions, there are three ways: upwards, downwards and horizontally. Upwards communication can give useful information about problems and successes and helps keep managers in touch with employees.

    • Word count: 7394
  22. Free essay

    Job Roles in a supermarket.

    with targets Contribute towards achieving controllable expenses budgets They are also responsible for people in the department and they answer to the supervisors of the store. They work full time but with variable shift times. Their salary/wage is 17 - 19K per annum and you also get a first class pension scheme for when you are 65. You also receive free life insurance. After one year you will be able to share in the companies profits. Also you can join the companies buy as you earn and save as you earn schemes.

    • Word count: 1319
  23. Free essay

    Rights and Responsibilites

    Expectations in the workplace Employees might expect: * A fair wage for the work done. * To be treated fairly by the managers and everyone else in the organization. * To work reasonable hours in a clean and safe environment * To receive some paid holidays. * To receive appropriate training for a job. * To join a trades union or staff association. * To be able to access their confidential computer records kept by the business. In return, employees might expect employees to: * Be punctual and co-operate. * Obey all reasonable instructions. * Treat facilities and equipment with care and respect.

    • Word count: 829

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