Peugeot cars - produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product.

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Peugeot cars


As a part of my course in business study, I have to produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product.

In this coursework I will be investigating and analysing the following aspects of my chosen product, which is Peugeot cars, illustrating "marketing".

* Use primary and secondary data

* Judge a marketing strategy for a product or service

* Analyse the external influences affecting the development of the marketing strategy

* Create a realistic rationale for the development of a coherent marketing for the product

* Use presentation skills of marketing to an informed audience

* How marketing and market research affects choice of marketing strategy

* Identify, collect and use information relevant to marketing strategy

* Links between analysis of external influences and development of marketing strategy

* Make reasoned proposals for marketing mix, clearly linking proposals to information generated by analysis

* Identify, collect information and apply appropriate methods for checking validity

* Use appropriate models and tools to evaluate likely success of marketing strategy

* Evaluate reliability of different marketing models used

* Develop a well balanced marketing strategy that reflects appropriate use of marketing models and tools

My coursework will involve developing a detailed study of each of the above points that I have stated for Peugeot cars.

I also researched various company of my choice, including Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, and ford. I contacted all of the above companies by email as I found this a very quick way to receive a reply. Many of the above companies did reply back to me, but I decided Peugeot was probably the best interest as I got email as well as brochures for different cars by post. (Email shown after)

The reason I have chosen Peugeot is because I think it has the potential to be successful for the coming years as well as they have been in the past.

At present Peugeot seems to have a car appealing to ages between 20-35. I will be investigating to see if this is true by looking at primary and secondary research. I will look at Peugeot as a whole and as individual cars to see what changes have happened from the past years.

Brief history of Peugeot

In 1906 one of the brothers, Robert, set up a rival make in the original factory, calling it Lion - Peugeot. In a short time the two companies came together, with the Lion, the symbol of the city of Belfort, still used as the Peugeot logo.

In 1912, Peugeot's first small car appeared. The Bebe was designed by Bugatti and became a classic design of the period. It was in 1936 that the Peugeot tradition of using three - figure model designation, all with a zero in the middle in the middle, started with the 402.

What Peugeot lacked at this period was image. That started to change with the 1977 launch of the 205. It set new standards in looks, handling and, after a slightly rocky start, performance with the GTI versions. The ultimate 205 was the mid - engined, turbocharged, 4wd.

From then on, Peugeots set new standards for handling their ordinary prices. Peugeot scored two more hits with the 106 supermini, launched in 1991, and the 306 in 1993, intended between them to replace the much loved 205. The 205 in fact went on until 1996 in increasing restricted numbers but it still sold well. Peugeot realised its mistake too late to develop a replacement in time, but the 206 has done well since introduction in 1998. it does not stand out from the crowd the way 205 used to, but handles looks and drives well the way a Peugeot should. By 2000, 306 too were nearing the end of its model life.
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The impressive 406 replaced 405 in 1996, high build quality. Peugeot's advertising has frequently been among its strongest assets, with effective campaigns boosting the image of 406 and 306 ranges particularly effectively. The 406 coupe, expensive for Peugeot but an exceptionally beautiful car at launch, has also helped the image.

Nowadays in 2003 there are many Peugeot cars. Most brought cars are 206 because of their shape and style.

06, 206, 307, 406, 607, and 807 are the latest cars people want to buy.

06 206 307 406

607 807

Peugeot Data

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