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Plannng and research. I would like to open a African restaurant, food from all over the continent Africa. My aim is to have different races come and try what real African food and try food from that side of the world

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Tranquil I would like to open a African restaurant, food from all over the continent Africa. My aim is to have different races come and try what real African food and try food from that side of the world .I believe that a restaurant is a place of relaxation and comfort ability both environmentally and in the catering. I want the restaurant to be a home away from home. I want there to be a tropical feeling and where it feels like the world has been condensed into one place. Restaurants generally provide a service. The provide food. All restaurants all different, it may be Chinese, Indian, English or Italian Restaurant patrons want to be delighted, but not necessarily surprised. If they're anticipating a family-style steakhouse but find themselves in a more formal environment with a bewildering gourmet menu, the surprise alone may keep them from enjoying the restaurant. Concepts give restaurateurs a way to let patrons know what to expect and also provide some structure for operation. Some of the more popular restaurant concepts include: Casual-dining restaurants, Family-style restaurants, Ethnic restaurants, Seafood and Steakhouses Family- style establishments offer speedy service and menus appealing to a broad range of customers, from children to seniors. Family-style restaurants have prices slightly higher than those at fast-food restaurants, yet still provide table service. Quick-service seafood restaurants generally offer a `limited range of choices, often restricted to fried fish and shrimp. Miscalled and upscale restaurants offer a wider selection of seafood items, prepared in ways other than fried, including baked, broiled and grilled. Seafood can be risky, as seafood prices are always changing and many kinds of seafood are seasonal. Beware: Quality can vary tremendously. Steakhouses are part of the miscalled and upscale markets. Miscalled steakhouses are typically family-oriented, offering a casual environment with meals perceived as good values. Comfort is emphasized, and Western themes are popular. ...read more.


Using computers in my restaurant can help me reduce costs and give me more information on how can make my costumers more comfortable and improve service. I can also find out what other good services businesses are not offering and offer it. Planning of market research methods For my market research I will use primary research because it will helps me explore the needs of my costumers and give me direct knowledge of how costumer feel about my restaurant and what they would like to see improve or change. In my primary research I will use both quantitative research in order for me have an estimated figure or percentage of costumer who often eat out and where they often go to and how often they go. I can also find out, how many costumers go to eat at my immediate competitors, I can find track across a variety of restaurants and foods, I can estimate market shares of competing restaurants and I can estimate market and segment sizes. I will also use qualitative research because it will provide me with information on why people buy, what motivates them to buy and what impresses them about restaurant food. I will also help me investigate customer attitude towards a service or a type of food. I can find out consumer reactions to changes in prices and their opinions about prices and I cal so find out about the costumers lifestyles, habits and buying patterns. Examples of primary research are Survey Observations questionnaire Focus groups, these increase number of people whose views can be researched over a given timescale, compared to interviewing the personal interviews, these can be developed in line with respondent replies, whereas a postal interview asks the same questions regardless of response. Telephone interviews can be useful be you can ensure that the appropriate amounts of people are interviewed. I will use questionnaire for my research because The responses are gathered in a standardised way, so questionnaires are more objective, certainly more so than interviews. ...read more.


Bias Interviewer bias can be a problem if an interviewer is allowed to influence answers. This can happen when questions have to be explained to the respondent, as the will be to the interpretation. It can be an issue when controversial topics are being investigated, it is now common practice to screen interviews to ensure they do not hold strong view concerning the issue being research, such as smoking, drinking or moral conduct. Bias can also arise hen the interviewers are being to approach potential respondents are mainly females or of a particular age group. For example, , in quota of 20-30 year old women there will be will a disproportionate number of 24 to 26 year olds because it is more difficult to judge the age of those close to either 20-30. There is also a tendency for interviewers to approach for attractive people, who may hold different views and opinions from others. Questionnaire bias can be minimised by paying particular attention to the sequence and wording of questions. The questionnaire should make it easy for the respondent to answer truthfully and care must be taken to avoid questions or words that may lead the respondent into giving answers that do not reflect his or her true opinion or experience. Subjectivity Group discussion and face to face interview are the most common ways to collect qualitative data. in each case t is normally the person who was responsible for the collection of the interviewer , who carries out the analysis. The analysis of qualities data is subjective and impressionistic. The quality of the analysis and interpretation of such data depends on the individual who undertakes both the research and the analysis. Qualitative data may be less liable to the problem of subjectivity, but the interpretation still needs to draw out the impact pf the data for the organisation. So while the interpretation, the conclusion and implication drawn from them might be.; ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Stephanie Mensah B12 ...read more.

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