Portfolio analysis

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Portfolio analysis

On this part of the coursework I will show all of my 5 companies share prices and also how much I invested in them. I will also show if the companies share prices increased or decreased. Throughout the ten week period I will give evidence regarding to my articles, over the ten week period I will give the total amount of profit they made. You will also see if I had bought or sold any of my companies, this may be due to the fact that the company wasn’t doing well as I had expected and didn’t want to take the risk in investing in the companies.

Week 1

My first week I had £10,000 to spend in every company I chose these was Sony, Tesco, Cadbury, Bank of Scotland and Nokia.

The first company that I invested in was Sony share prices were £5.50 so that meant I could buy 1,818 shares with that company.

The next company I invested in was Tesco the share prices were fairly the same at £5.40 each which lead me in buying 1,851 shares with that company. My 3rd company I invested in was Cadbury the confectionery and beverage company share prices were more expensive at £6.50 each and I was able to purchase 1538 shares.

My 4th company was Bank of Scotland or RBS shortened Share prices were £6.70 enabling me to buy 1492 Shares.

My 5th and final company I invested in was Nokia the telecommunications company they’re share prices were £6.50 that allowed me to purchase 1538 shares, Total invested in all 5 companies = £50,000.

                     Amount invested in each company= £10,000.

Week 2

In my 2nd week of Investment I had invested £10,000 in each company

In my first company which was Sony. I had made a Decrease of £3.40 which was disappointing to see and I hope to see a big improvement in the future.

The share price that was decreased was equivalent to 3.40.

The total percentage of decrease is 61% I was really disappointed with this.

My 2nd company that I had invested in was Tesco which made a £3.50 profit this made me very happy as I had made a good profit.

The total percentage of increase is 64% this was a great improvement as it covered the loss I made with Sony.

I was considering selling Sony but I thought I may get lucky eventually.

I made a total profit of £16481.

My 3rd company that I had invested in was Cadbury the confectionery company I had made a loss of 80p although this was not much I was disappointed as this week looked like it was going to be full of losses.

The total percentage of decrease was 12% I was really hoping I would make some increase on my other companies.

The fourth company that I had invested in was Bank of Scotland otherwise known as RBS, I made a increase of 20p I felt neutral about this because it was not much of a increase but at least I had made something, the total percentage of increase was 2%.

The 5th and final company I had invested in was Nokia the telecommunications company, I had been expecting a very nice profit in this company and I was right to think that as I had made an increase of £11.20! I was very delighted with this and I expected the company to do well throughout, the total percentage of increase was 172% this was a BIG improvement and ended my week with high spirits.

Week 3

In my 3rd week of investment my share price for Sony had increased to £4.60 this was an increase of a significant £2.50 this made me very happy as last week I had made a very big loss in this company. “Sony's stock prices shot up 4.54 percent (250 yen) to close at 5,750 yen - said to be thanks to the here recent boost in PS3 sales and a deal that saw the Dubai state fund invest up to $500 million in the company” said a article from a PS3 Fan-site. The value of shares for Sony was £8363 this was really good because last week the value of shares was £3818 so it was a very big improvement.

Join now!

The next company I had invested in was Tesco the company had done fairly well last week and was expecting another increase until I saw this article

“An American court has upheld an environmental complaint that could disrupt Tesco’s $1.5 billion (£730 million) expansion plan in the US. Riverside District Court in California yesterday said that more environmental work may be needed at a former airbase that now houses a distribution centre central to Tesco’s ambitions on the other side of the Atlantic. The distribution centre currently supplies 15 Fresh & Easy stores across Los Angeles, Phoenix and ...

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