private limited company and public limited company

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        Pranav Jadva                                         M1 Mini Introduction In this unit of M1 coursework, I will be comparing between private limited company and public limited company. I have chosen Manchester United FC as an example of private limited company and Tesco for public limited company. I will be evaluating following things from both examples: Ownership of the businessLiability of the businessAims and objective of the businessNumber of employeesHow is profit shared Private Limited Company:Manchester United FCPublic Limited Company:TescoWhat is the ownership of the business?Manchester United FC is a profit making, private limited company. It is known as private sector as the shareholders of a particular family own it.
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These members of the family agree to pay specific amount of money in to the Manchester United FC. Manchester United FC is a national business. All the shareholders who have bought their shares who will be the members of the family will control this business.Tesco is a profit making, public limited company. It is identified as private sector business. The shareholders own this type of business. Tesco permits people to buy shares through stock exchange. People who puts in money expects to get dividend. Director controls Tesco. Tesco is global business. Tesco is a divorced ownership business, which means that ...

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