Report on XE Marketing Campaign.

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Chris Monroe        Business Studies Coursework        Mrs. Perrie

Chris Monroe

Business Studies Coursework

21st of March 2003

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Report on XE Marketing Campaign

Background information:

The task set to myself, was to devise a marketing plan to launch a retail business in my surrounding area i.e. a shop on the local high street. Through this evaluation I will explain what methods were used to complete the marketing plan, such as what research was conducted and what the promotional campaign consisted of.

The Introduction:

The Retail Shop will be a Car modification garage and MOT centre for performance cars; for example a branded GTI or SRI model vehicle. The Retail garage-centre will be named ‘XE’ Xtreme Engines. XE will aim to be an officially licensed and customer recommended Vauxhall, and Audi centre, due to its location between existing garages and corporate head offices.

Based as a Tertiary Sector business, direct services will be provided to the consumer in the form of modifications for performances cars. A range of modifications will be offered for many different car manufacturers with an added emphasis on Vauxhall and Audi modifications due to the location.

Type of Research:

The market research which was carried out for Xtreme Engines was as follows:

  • General Public Questionnaire Sampling (refer to appendage vi, vii)
  • Shop Owner Questionnaire Sampling (refer to appendage ii)

Market Research Results: 

By evaluating the Market Research (appendage vii) collected from the General Public, it was ascertained that there is a sufficient demand for the type of enterprise that I wish to market, that relevant graph is, Percentage of people who want Expert help for their cars (refer to appendage ii)

Asking the general public which kind of car they drive created results for what car manufacturers the enterprise should specialise and invest in to maximise profits and increase turnover of stock. Although due to locational position it is more sensible to specialise in Audi and Vauxhall parts instead of other manufacturers which are in demand such as Mitsubishi, Toyota and Mazda.

By asking the general public, questions about their driving vehicle preference, I was able to establish through quantitative and qualitative questioning, what the consumers would like to modify their cars with.

By analysing the General Public Sampling (refer to appendage ), I was able to determine that the below products (Product Section) should be offered at XE.


The following products and services shall be offered to consumers at Xtreme Engine based on the graph ‘Modifications wanted’ (Appendage X). MoT servicing will also be offered based on ‘MoT and Modification shop together’ graph (Appendage X)

  • Security Systems
  • Bodykit
  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Alloys
  • MoT servicing

The one product which did was omitted from the final decision was a Car Spraying service this is supported by 2 graphs (Appendixes viii and X) this service is not cost effective for the business, as demand for the service is low.


Prices for the above services are based on competition, under cutting will be used to attract customers, the list below is compared to competitors pricing plans, advertising comparisons against Fast Forward Motorsport Centre (appendix xiii).

                Our Price                                Competitors

Exhausts        £from 99.99                                £from 120

Brakes                £from 225                                £from 250

Tyres                £from 100                                £from 120

Alloys                £from 350                                £from 400

Body Kits        £from 370                                £from 400

Engine Kits        £from 99.99                                £from 120

Security        £from 250                                £from 300

MoT                £26.99                                        £29.99

Asking consumers how much they would pay for ‘mod’ parts was not put into the questionnaires, thinking that using a comparative pricing strategy to the competition would prove to be more valuable research data. Also customers would want to pay as low a price as possible, so by using a comparative pricing strategy more reliable data was collected and a direct proportion for our prices could be worked out.


The Retail garage-centre will need large amounts of space, whilst still being openly accessible to the driving public.

The location chosen is along the A30 London Road, Camberley, Surrey, between Vauxhall’s ‘Fox’s’ garage and Audi’s ‘White’s’ garage, as this is a drive by zone for hundred of drivers daily. These drivers are both corporation workers and housewives heading to the Meadows retail centre on the A30.

Although Shop Owner Questionnaires (refer to appendage ii) were created, because of disorganisation these questionnaires were not set out to companies, I had decided that due to limited time educated guesses on location and pricing would be more sensible.

The cost for the site will be £12K per year, having leasing breaks 3, 6, 9 years into a 10 year-lease to prevent having the business stuck on one site for a 10-year period, this information was researched to make up for the Shop Owner Questionnaires not being completed.

Join now!


Printed Media: Above-the-line

  • Own Car & Van livery
  • Yellow Pages
  • Talking Pages
  • Local Camberley Newspapers: Weekly Adverts
  • Local Free Newspapers: Weekly Adverts
  • Local Buses – mobile and cost-effective
  • National Car based magazine: Max Power, & Top Gear
  • Launch Banner over a key road, i.e. Park Road, Camberley
  • Local Radio Stations: 20 & 30 second trailers: 96.4 the Eagle
  • Taxis – May not reach the target market
  • National Newspapers – Cost maybe too high for budget
  • Billboards – Cost maybe too high for budget
  • Ad-shell (Bus stops)  – Cost maybe too high for budget
  • Television – Cost ...

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