Responsibilities of the Human Resources Department

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Responsibilities of the Human

Resources Department

it is the responsibility of the human resources department to ensure that the organisation recruits the correct staff and that the staffs are trained to ensure that the business meets its aims and annual targets.  Our function is absolutely central to the success of the business. Sometimes in human resources there has to be disciplinary for staff and termination of contracts.  What is important is that all staff members are treated fairly and in line with company policy.

The Human Resources Department are responsible for four main functions:

  • Human Resources Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management.

(Needham and Dransfield, 2000)

Human resources planning- is a critical part of any manager's job. To guarantee a fully staffed business of productive employees, managers must take the time to plan how their organisation should be structured, establish the grade level and types of employees needed to meet the organisation's aims, regard the employees' developmental requirements, and take into account probable changes due to workload shifts.

                                (, 2003)

To avoid staff losses a plan should be presented in advance for long-term absences due to training or medical needs and the time needed to fill important positions. Although it is difficult to anticipate specific losses, overall patterns can be recognized. The manager should consider typical patterns of separation, such as retirements and turnover, in their workforce planning.

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                                (, 2003)

Effective workforce planning will help predict the human resource needs of the organisation, including long and short-term skills recruitment needs, training and development needs, restructuring, outsourcing, and diversity opportunities.

                                (, 2003)

Recruitment and Selection- is the ongoing process of marketing, locating, and attracting high-quality candidates to meet current and anticipated employment needs. Recruiting is everyone's responsibility, including employees, managers, supervisors, and personnel specialists.  A formal recruitment program requires the full support of both personnel and functional managers.

Regardless of the type of position to be filled, every recruitment action should begin with an assessment of the job market. ...

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