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Section 3 - Marketing

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Table of Contents Marketing 3 Analysing Advertisements-Analyzing Websites 6 Analysing Advertisements-Analyzing Flyers 9 Analysing Advertisements-Analyzing Yellow Page Ads 10 My Flyer Analysis 12 My Flyer 13 My Website Analysis 14 My Website Pages 17 My Yellow Pages Ad Analysis and Ad 19 Media Costs 20 Marketing What is marketing? * Marketing is a range of activities that makes sure consumers get the products they want in the right amounts at the right place at the right time. * Marketing lets consumers know what goods and services are available so they can make choices. Why am I going to do marketing? * I will be doing marketing to inform the public of their products. Especially because I have just started my business. * I am a new business so I will need to marketing to get sales because without customers I gin no profit. * To increase my market share because I am a new business so I have no market share. The marketing mix * All the activities that can be used by a business to market their products. * These can be grouped together as the 4 P's The 4 P's 1. Product * The products I will be selling are pharmaceutical products, hair products (hair bands, clips, etc...), shampoos, hair gels, etc... * Basically I will be selling all products that pharmacies sell. ...read more.


* Maybe they could put a store locator on their home page. * They could give more info about their shop. Good Points: * Easier to email them rather than emailing with your own provider. * Easy to navigate from and to this page. * Better than giving email address as it decreases the amount of spam received to the company. * Good because you can send them comments from the page or get help with different topics. Bad Points: * Person may not want to give there name, title or surname. * No address, telephone number or fax number of head office on the page. * Some wasted space on the page. Good Points: * This page helps easily find a branch of the shop. * It gives you all the contact info of the branch. * The map makes it much easier to find the branch. * There are links to opening times which will help. * There are lots of links. Bad Points: * Maybe they could put a more detailed map. * Repeats the word Lloyd's pharmacy on every address when we already know it is Lloyd's pharmacy. Conclusion: All these pages have good points and bad points and after analysing it I have come up with the conclusion that a good must have - An eye catching layout, clear and user friendly, links and menus must be clear and easy to read, it must contain info on how to find my business, contact info, and what are you offering and selling. ...read more.


This should bring attention to people which will boost the amount of customers I have. Flyer I will print 10,000 copies of my flyer in colour. The total cost of this will be �2,000. I will employ someone to post approximately 1000 flyers to local houses in Leyton and the rest I would post to houses in Stratford and Walthamstow. This should also boost the amount of sales I get. Website I have made my website myself which means I will not pay anything for design. I will pay �250 for permanent webhosting with 10GB of storage and 100GB of traffic per month. This is good because it means that lots of people can look at my website without receiving an error that can be unfixed. I will also pay �150 for a permanent domain with 10 e-mail address. My domain will be www.leytonhpharmacy.com and my primary email address is [email protected] My website should easily increase the publicity of my business which will increase sales for my business. Total The total I will pay for my business media advertisements and publicity is �3,650. This means that I will still have �11,350 to spend on advertising. I will spend this in the future for when I do more advertising. Do you think your advertising will be successful? I think my advertising will be successful because I have used persuasive techniques including eye-catching images and colours, bold easy to read text, special offers, and free samples in all of my advertisings. ?? ?? ?? ?? 20 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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