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Gemma Thompson        10S        10/05/2007

Stakeholders are a particular group of people with an interest in the business. These interests are all different and each individual group has a different concern. There are a lot of different stakeholders. Tesco’s different stakeholders are:

  1. Employees
  2. Customers
  3. Pressure Groups
  4. Local Community
  5. Government
  6. Suppliers
  7. Financiers
  8. Shareholders


A customer wants to buy good quality goods and want to get them cheap. They want a variety of products to choose from and expect them to come from a clean, friendly environment.

The customers want all these things and if Tesco provides them then they will gain more customers from word of mouth. They also need their customers as they are the source of income as they buy products and act as a pressure group to the business. They act as a pressure group because they put an awful amount of pressure on Tesco to meet their needs. These can be such things as improving their store and even expending it. Tesco receive comments from the customers which make them improve their business and making themselves more competitive. The customers influence Tesco by these comments and Tesco are encouraged to improve their store for the sake of their customers. Tesco has responded to their customers influence by making changes to their store to suit the customer’s needs.

The customer’s comments make the most impact because they are telling Tesco exactly what they think of the store and what changes are needed to be made to improve it further. The customers are very powerful as they can create these changes, by writing comments and posting them in the comment box which Tesco empties regularly to try and impress their customers more and more every day, these comments can be such things as ‘the toilets are not clean enough’ or that ‘there is no staff to ask for help from’. They have a big influence on the store because if the store did not respond to their comments or improvements Tesco would lose customers. This would mean the Tesco lose money and gain less profit.

Tesco has responded to the customer’s wishes in several ways to improve their store and put the customer’s needs first. I have found out what they have done on a recent visit to Tesco where pictures were taken and I evaluated what Tesco has done for the customers and other different stakeholders.

There is a petrol station that can be accessed on the way in or out of the store. After you do you’re shopping at Tesco there is often a discount on the end of a receipt getting money off your petrol depending on how much was spent in store. This encourages the customers to buy more in Tesco so that they can get more savings on the petrol they purchase.

There are signs around the shop to show customers where the ideal places where they should walk are, they all lead up to the shop eventually and are clearly marked so that the customers don’t get confused, cause congestion or be in any danger of traffic moving around the car park. This could have been asked for by the local community.  

There are several different types of parking spaces that clearly state where certain people can park, such as disabled, and parent and child. These have been placed near the store entrance and depending on the size of the car park a percentage of the spaces have to be for the disabled but Tesco also provide for parent and children. The spaces are wider for easy access for the prams and wheelchairs to get in and out of the vehicles. The customers want enough parking and they want it to be appropriate parking, near to the store and spaces wide enough for prams or wheelchairs. The disabled spaces are available to everyone, you don’t have to display a disabled badge like all other supermarkets across the UK.

There are cash-points at the front of the store to enable people who prefer to pay by cash to get cash out of their bank account instead of not getting any shopping and going somewhere more convenient with cash machines.

Changes have been made at the very front of the store as soon as you walk in. These changes have been made in the interest of the customer. There are signs up to tell you the bus routes from Tesco to different places, a Metro sign to point you in the right direction and cycle lanes to keep Tesco customers who use the bicycles safe on the road. There is also a free phone for taxis. This encourages other transport to be used as it is environmentally friendly. There is advertising for many different things and community news. The toilets are clearly marked and there are many disabled trolleys and wheelchairs that can be accessed. At the front of the store is a customer information desk where products can be returned and information can be attained. The customer desk also promotes Tesco’s services. There is information about the store at the desk; this is encouraging customers to learn more about the place in which they shop. All this provides a better service because it means that if a customer is not very happy with an item or it doesn’t fit them they can bring the item back at a separate desk to the tills and get their money back hassle free.

There is a café near the back of the store which provides a trolley park for people who are in the middle of their shopping and wanting a bite to eat. There is a lift to provide easy access for prams, wheelchairs or any other kind of customer which cannot get up the escalators. The sign for the café can be easily seen from quite far away in the store so that customers don’t have to hunt around for something to eat. It is a very large store; therefore Tesco provides a lot of tables and chairs, seats for children and spaces for wheelchair users.

A big help for customers who cannot get out of the house for many different reasons is to shop online. This is where they place their order online and then an employee collects their items from around the store and records the prices for each product to inform the customer of how much they need to pay. People that do this for their customers are known as ‘personal shoppers’. It is then delivered to their home.

There are a lot of different offers around the store for different products. This is in the interest of the customer as it attracts more people to shop at Tesco as they are going to get value for money products and shop their in the future to take advantage of these offers. There are plasma screens placed all around the store to advertise for Tesco therefore if a customer is in store for one particular offer or item and they see another item they may like on one of the plasma screen they might walk out of Tesco purchasing that particular product as well as all of their other shopping. This is creating more of a profit for Tesco.

There are tasters often set up around the store to encourage people to buy new products. This is a good investment as in the long run more people are likely to buy the product than they would if there were no tasters set out.

There are refrigerators that are automated temperature controlled, they are easily accessible and their sliding doors will suit all customers.

There is a variety of trolleys to suit all customers needs and creates variety to make the whole shopping experience that little bit more enjoyable. It improves the service that Tesco provides and this means that families can bring their children along to shop; therefore attracting more customers.

A sales information desk is placed at the back of the store. This provides customers with information about products that they may have queries about. This desk is particularly for the electrical side of the shop. Also near this desk is a place where trolleys can be attained for bulky items; putting the customers needs first again.

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The checkouts at Tesco are to help the customers to be in and out of the store as fast as they can. There are now self service checkouts at the front of the store for people with ten items or less. This is so that people who want to scan their own items, pack their own bags, have a payment option and have a quicker exit can do so. For those who have ten items or less but do not want to scan their own items or have a CD protection cover they need to be taken off they ...

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