Should the welfare state be desirable?

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Neil Gujar

Is the Welfare State Desirable? (14 Marks)

The welfare state refers to the technique which the UK government has set up whereby a benefits system has been put into place in order to accommodate those who are in need and financially unstable.. The main principle of this program is based on the taxation revenue where those with an adequate income are taxed a proportion of their income; this is sent to the government in order to facilitate to the needs of the country.

 The reason to why the welfare state would be desirable for the country can be illustrated through the following the reasons: the main reason and aim for the welfare state is so that the existence of poverty in the country will fall substantially, furthermore, another reason to why the welfare state would be desirable would be so that the inequality gap between the richest and poor of the country is reduced, thus meaning that the rich are not as rich and the poor are not as poor. Finally, another reason that would show that the welfare is indeed desirable is that with the presence of a welfare state, the overall health of the population in the country is increased; through the funding of the NHS, a free organization in which all people of the nation can benefit.

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However, it can also be seen that the welfare state is in fact not desirable, the reasons that some may have this attitude is due to: as a result of the welfare state, there is higher and more taxation for the people and they will have to pay a greater proportion of their money, some argue that due to the welfare state they are being forced to pay a higher proportion of their income than if there was no welfare state present. In addition, some find that the welfare state is not desirable, this is because they feel that through ...

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It is good to read a committed piece like this and many of the arguments are valid. I think from the point of view of economic analysis, the writer should make it clearer what is opinion and what is fact. Also, there has not been enough development of the arguments against a welfare state