Target Markets at Whittlebury Hall Hotel

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Target Markets at Whittlebury Hall

Geographical factors


People visiting the hotel would mainly be 100 and over miles from the hotel to the customers own destinations. People from around Europe would be visiting the hotel at Whittlebury hall and also varies of people from other countries. This is easy for them because it is a hotel so therefore they stay over night and normally their expenses.

Spa/Leisure Club

People who visit the spa and leisure club facilities are people who vary from up to 60 miles away from the destination. This is because why would someone want to visit the spa and leisure club and use the facilities just for a few hours when they can use a spa and leisure club nearer their home destination.


People who visit the restaurant are mostly people who are staying over the hotel or have visited Whittlebury Hall for a day spa treatment or full use of the leisure facilities for the day and by them doing so they get use of the restaurant for lunch, this is included within the contract.

Banqueting & Conferencing

Customers that visit the banqueting and conferencing are a National Market. This is because of Whittlebury’s Visitors who have gained access by their job status expenses. This is needed to be using the conferencing for various reasons.



The status of customers visiting hotel are mainly classes A and B. this is because their customers that working status of A and B are people with a big incomes so they can access the hotel more often because their income is so great. C1 and C2 also visit the hotel but mainly for special occasions because they are mostly semi skilled so their income is not so great and have not enough money to access the certain things such as a 4 star hotel to stay at unless have saved and gone special occasions because of their income statuses and occasio9nally would happy only at certain times. The kind of special occasions would be either weddings or parties.

There are not a great amount of people of the status of D and E because their income is not so great so they cannot afford to be visiting Whittlebury Hall.

The different life stages that would use these facilities would be mainly couples with no children because they have the time and money to use this facility. Couples with children would use the hotel and middle aged people with no children. Occasionally young adults per year because of their prom uses.

Spa and Leisure Club

The certain kinds of social economic groups would be A, B and C1 which stands for highly paid educated people, very well educated and well paid people. These kinds of customers with this status would be able to visit and use t6he spa and leisure facilities because they have the highest kind of income which means that they can access these facilities regularly. Other kinds of economic groups would be C2, but only occasionally and for special occasions of pamper days which are special deals which are easier to be afforded by semi-skilled workers. This is because they have not such a great income status. There are not many D and E because of their working income because Whittlebury Hall is too expensive.

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Other kinds of age groups would be mainly couples with no children, middle aged guests with no children and old aged pensioners because they have the money and time to be using these facilities. Some young adults and couples with children because the couples with children can benefit from child baby sitting. The young adults would use the facilities occasionally because some have jobs and don’t have much of an outcome so have more spare money to spend on things like Spa and Leisure club within Whittlebury Hall.


        The sorts of social economic groups within the restaurant ...

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