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The beach carrier case study evaluate different issues concerning a beach bag

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Zaineb Sefiani MK 170 02/15/2005 Case Study Analysis The purpose of this case study is to evaluate different issues concerning a beach bag. Mary Ricci, an entrepreneur, has hired a consulting company to study this new product concept she is willing to introduce to the market. I have chosen to look at the strengths and than the weaknesses. At the end of this case study analysis, I will give some recommendations to help the company do better. The Strengths The first and the most important thing to point out is that Ricci is "creative, optimistic, enthusiastic, flexible, and motivated." I think that it is extremely important to have someone who is devoted and creative. Therefore, Ricci seems to have all the necessary skill to be a successful entrepreneur. Concerning the product, I think that it has some advantages. The first strength about this product is the number of pockets. ...read more.


I disagree with Ricci statement "oversized wheels would be cumbersome to maneuver on the sand". I think that if the wheels are thick enough, the cart will not be able to move at all. In my opinion the potential market has not been selected properly for the following reasons. First, the age group is 18 to 44. I think that this should be much lager because a 16 year old could be carrying a beach bag as well as a 60 year. Another problem with the potential market is the gender. I think man could also be potential buyer of this product. My forecast is that the percentage of man will be much smaller, but there is a market for man. In addition, I believe that the geographical division is not a good one. People that live in the Midwest do not have beaches close by. ...read more.


This will allow different customer that have different need to satisfy them. For example some one that wants to bring only a towel and some cosmetic products will not need such a big bag. I also think that a beach bag might be heavy with an umbrella and chairs. For this reason, I believe that it would be interesting to introduce a two shoulder straps bag instead of one. Another possibility is to introduce a product that has the same wheels as a mini quad and that can be droved using a remote control. This will be the most convenient but further research should be made on the cost and the potential market for this product. Concerning the online selling, I think that the best idea is that Ricci should hire a company to help her with security issues. Another alternative would be to hire an intermediary company such as amazon.com that would sell her product online. Finally, I recommend Ricci to think about a targeting an international market in the long run. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The writer has considered many points about this product but does not always put them into a proper business context. They could for instance go through the marketing mix more methodically and discuss strengths and weaknesses. This would give the essay more structure.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 01/05/2013

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