The business that I have chosen is Waitrose, because I believe that this company provides good customer service, produces high quality goods and is also one of the country's leading food retailers, which shows that it is a well-liked company

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Jasmine Asim                AVCE Business Unit 10 Customer Service

Task 1 – Customer Service


For this section on task one, I shall be identifying a business, on where I can explain and investigate how the company uses its customer service policies.  The business that I have chosen is Waitrose, because I believe that this company provides good customer service, produces high quality goods and is also one of the country’s leading food retailers, which shows that it is a well-liked company.  For this section, I shall be producing a customer services manual which will be given to all members of staff, in my chosen organisation (Waitrose). This manual that will be provided will be a training guide with information that can benefit the staff and help them in a way that they are following the right policies and procedures for high quality valuable customer service, which Waitrose has set out.

Also, part of this manual shall provide ideas on how customer service could be improved within the company through changes in policy and procedure, effective communication, skill enhancement and documentation.  My manual will include plenty of information on customer service; here are some of the things I shall be including:                                                                                

  • Identify and describe the various types of customers and their needs.

  • Explaining how Waitrose incorporates consumer protection into its customer services policy.

  • Indicating how Waitrose could improve their customer service.

  • Explaining customer service techniques, monitoring procedures and quality standards.

  • Identifying the skills required in order to provide efficient customer service and offer training opportunities for gaining those skills.

These points are some of the information I shall be including in my manual. I will also have to research and comment upon Waitrose’s customer service policy, and look at how they follow their procedures and policies and the outcome that it brings for them too.


Waitrose aims to deliver excellent customer service to all customers, making sure that customers are completely satisfied.  The company has three main points, on customer satisfaction. These are:

  • We aim to provide a consistently superior service for our customers.
  • We like to hear what our customers think. We want to know what we can do better.
  • We keep track of customer complaints we receive as well as the number of letters of appreciation.

As we can see, these three major points tell us that Waitrose are highly focused on ensuring that their customers receive a friendly, pleasurable, and excellent service from their staff.

Waitrose has a variety of research and customer feedback techniques, of which customer surveys and panels are included. It is less likely however, that just one comment from a single customer will lead exactly to change.  Nevertheless, the weight of customer feedback on any given issue or the recognition of a business opportunity as an outcome of customer feedback will lead to change.  This has improved the development of Waitrose’s shopping services, such as – By Invitation, WaitroseDeliver (Internet home shopping) and in-store services such as Quick Check which is a self-scanning service. You scan the items that you want from the shelves whilst you are shopping, allowing you to pack your items as you are shopping, after you have finished all you have to do is pay at the Quick Check till.

Waitrose have improved quite a lot on customer service. They have developed new systems such as online shopping, scanning your own items whilst you are shopping and so forth. They are expanding their services to meet the customers’ satisfaction and needs. By doing this, they are sure to gain a great level of customer feedback, satisfaction, and even more customers.  By introducing these services, they are most likely to improve their level of customer service.


Types of Customers

A customer is someone who needs or wants a particular product or service.  Some businesses have various types of customers, such as:

  • Individuals
  • Other Businesses
  • Families

Most customers pay for goods and services however, some are non-paying; the customers of healthcare services. There are various types of customers which all have needs and expectations. On the next page, you will find some examples of customer needs and expectations, what they require, and how does Waitrose meet those requirements.

Customers generally expect a business to provide some of the following:

  • Products available at the right time.
  • Well-packaged products.
  • A range of different products and services.
  • Honest dealings.
  • Products available at the right place.
  • Polite service.
  • Safety
  • Value for money.

Waitrose is a supermarket, a company known to sell food products mainly. It is their main purpose to meet the expectations of the customers, in order to improve their level of customer service.  Making sure that the above are met, will give the company great recognition for their work and service. I have been doing some analysing and identifying which types of people go into my local Waitrose. What I have clearly noticed is there are mainly families, and people who are of middle-class status. Also, there are people of many different nationalities which could explain why there are choices of foreign food. Such as; Greek dishes, Jewish food (Kosher), Turkish products such as Honey and Cypriot Cheeses. There is a diverse range of people who visit Waitrose, so it is necessary to accommodate there needs and requirements.


I have chosen four various situations, where Waitrose’s customer service strategies have intervened. Here are four different examples:

  • Customer complaining that he/she is not satisfied with their product and would like a refund.

  • Customer could not find what she intended to buy, and asked a member of staff for some help. The worker provided a friendly service, and made sure that they could get what the customer needed in all possible ways.

  • An elderly person, who was struggling with their shopping, (i.e. carrying a basket) and a member of staff provided her with a trolley so that she doesn’t struggle. Good customer services being used in making sure others are satisfied.

  • A customer complaining about a certain dairy product being out of date after she had brought it. Waitrose realised their mistake, and made sure that the customer got a new product that was the same but not out of date. There were no arguments as Waitrose knew it was their fault and so it was their responsibility to of ensure good quality on all of their products.

When there are situation when customers are not happy with either their product or service, I have noticed that Waitrose don’t let it be. They are determined to ensure that their customers leave satisfied and happy with what they bought as they know that a good customer service is essential for any business. To be friendly, efficient, reliable, have a good attitude and being polite is what makes a business a success. It is no good when a customer and a worker are both angry as this just becomes worse. Therefore it is vital for the worker to have good customer service skills, and to put them skills into practice. Not only will their customers be happy with their service, but it is also good for the worker because it makes them feel better that they have performed of what is expected of them and have made a customer feel satisfied.

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Different types of communication and their effectiveness. There are five modes of communication that staff need to train and development on in order to improve their customer service skills. These are:

  • Written Communication.
  • Oral Communication.
  • Face to Face verbal communication.
  • Face to Face non-verbal communication.
  • Via the Internet.

Written Communication

In order to improve successfully on written communication, you need to be competent and confident in what you are producing. This type of communication for any job role within the organisation will require some form of written methods (letters, reports etc). ...

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