The importance of training and development in the modern workplace.

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This essay looks at what is meant by staff training and development, the effects that it has on an organisation and how important it is in the modern workplace.


Training is a learning process that involves planned learning activities designed to equip staff with knowledge, skills and abilities and/or to change attitudes and behaviour in the workplace. Similarly, development is also a learning process which tends to differ slightly due to a greater focus on exploration and broadening of horizons through professional projects, developmental programmes and career progression. ‘Training and Development’ together aim to strengthen the workforce and enhance performance and in turn aid accomplishment of organisational objectives.

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Many organisations in the past viewed training and development as costly, time consuming and not worth the effort.  Nowadays, the modern workplace recognises the importance of investing in training and development and appreciates its valuable benefits.

Training and development ensures the availability of a skilled workforce to the organisation.  Being skilled and educated makes the workforce more effective, efficient and productive.  It optimizes the utilization of human resources and therefore helps to increase productivity.  As an organisation becomes more efficient and productive it will also become more profitable as a result. Productivity and profitability are essential for an ...

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