The purpose of this report is to design and create a medium sized business that will provide knowledge for all aspects of the Human Resource functions and for Tiny Togs as well.

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As part of the human Resource assignment we are looking at Tiny Togs Ltd., which is a well-established clothing company. Which manufacturing company. Which is located in Manchester. Tiny togs manufactures clothes for children

Tiny Togs has appointed K training. K training is specialised in all aspects of human recourses. Tiny togs manufacture cloth for children 1-12 years

Tiny Togs employees 350 staff, it will need to employee 20 more staff with in the organisation training is a specialises in recruiting.


The purpose of this report is to design and create a medium sized business that will provide knowledge for all aspects of the Human Resource functions and for Tiny Togs as well.

Also not forgetting that appraisals which reflect on each employee's performance, and as this organisation is a small business it will need to make sure its kept up to date and all fashions are flowing with the current times as you know fashions and trends tend to move around a lot, depending on each individuals taste.

Human resource

The functions of the human resources department are as followed

* Human Resource planning

* Recruitment and selection

* Training and development

* Performance management

The success of any organisation depends upon the efficient use of the human resource department. Which enables it to function effectively. Some of the responsibilities it involves by an explanation of the legal framework known as industrial relation, which is the employers- employees relationship.

The function of the human resources manager is different in that it specialises in planning, developing and controlling the personal that helps to make up an organisation.

The human resource managers most commonly have the job title of personal manager. The function of the personal department is to look at the career path of an individual employer thought the organisation.

Human resources functions within the human resource department.

Human resources manager-is in charge of the human resource department and the human resource function.

Payroll administrator-deals with checking the payroll if they are correctly completed and are signed in and given to a member of the human resource department.

Health and safety Manager-Makes sure Tiny Togs is a safe place to work. Gives employees training of the health and safety procedure to its employees.

Training officer- gives training to current and new employees.

Counsellor-helps employers to deal with any problems that they have within the organisation or without.

Below is a table showing employees path of entry thought to the exit within the organisation

Entry In employment Exit

Recruitment training+ development Reduncy

Selection retention termination

Introduction Transfer

The business that I am going to look at is tiny togs it is a well-established clothing manufacturer

K is the training for the private organisation who specialises in all aspects of human resources

Tiny togs produces everyday wear and school ware where there is a total of 360 employees working in the organisation which consist of 200 female workers and 150 male workers.

Human Resource planning

Human resource planning is defined as

"The activity of management which is aimed at co-ordinating the requirements for the availability of different types of employees"

Reasons for human resource planning. Is about getting the right people for the job. Using them well and developing them. In order to meet the goals of Tiny Togs Ltd.

Encourages employees so that they can integrate more ineffectively communicate with other members of staff. This will help employees of Tiny Togs to relate with each other and work as part of a team.

Employers can build a skills profile so they know where jobs need to be allocated to and this shows what skills each of the employees can do where training needs to be given.

So it can create a profile on staff on gender, race disability for the equal opportunity policy.

The HRM approach is to support employees to fulfil their needs to meet the objectives of the company. The human recourse department predicts how long staff will stay.

Labour turnover

High levels of absence and labour turnover can be a serious problem .

Labour turnover occurs when workers leave an organisation therefore need to be replaced by new recruits. Which is a big problem for all organisations due to this costing money to do. As there needs to be advertisement, recruitment and training which is a money costing process.

Labour turnover can be expensive due to



And training

Reducing labour turnover can be cost effective.

Labour turnover can be low due to low morals within the organisation eg not good working conditions. bad management. Inexperienced workers, sick leave, high level of over time.

The we measure labour turnover is

Number of leavers

Average no worker *100=separate rate

This information is used to predict the turnover for the future. it is used to examine the reason for high turnover it also shows if new people needs to be recruited with in the organisation.


Is non-attendance at a workplace by its employees. High levels of absenteeism can result in a major cost and damage to the performance of an organisation.

High level of absenteeism can result in

* Low production level with in the organisation.

* High sick pay and cost.

* Additional cost of pay for absent employees.

* Projects need to be backdated.

Below are some of the types of absences

* Notified absences. when employees are going to be absent from work (e.g. hospital appointment, doctors appointment.)

* Absences due to sickness-where they need to provide a sick note from the doctors for proof.

* Unauthorised absence-when employees don't turn up to work. And don't have a valid reason for not attending.

Internal staffing information

For tiny tog ltd

The internal staffing information looks at

Skills audit-

Which look at the skills, qualification ,experience the staffs have with in tiny togs ltd

Performance review-

Reviews the performance of the employees at tiny togs Ltd

Where it identifies potential of it employees it also finds out where there is a lack of experience so that more experience can be given to it employees. So that they are experience to deal with situations.

Job analysis.

This is where they gather all the information to find out all the jobs that are available at tiny togs Ltd. To match them with the the employees this is done by looking at the person specification and the job specification.

Forecasting supply

The amount of people that will stay with in the organisation. The amount of people it will be able to retain by looking at the external and internal labour supply.

External Recruitment


* It brings new ideas in the company
Join now!

* It brings specialised skills

* Do not have to replace of member of staff


* This is a time consuming

* It is costly

* And it is certain

Internal Recruitment


* Promotion opportunities can motivate existing staff within the organisation

* It is quick and cheap to recruit

* An existing worker feel more committed to the company as there abilities are know to the company.

Recruitment and selection

Business recruit staff for many reasons jobs can ...

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