Unit 1 exploring business purposes

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BTEC First Diploma in Business

Unit 1 – Exploring Business Purposes

    UNIT 1 - Exploring Business Purposes


You have completed your BTEC First Diploma and have gained employment in the customer services and administration department of a local organization. Your line manager frequently receives requests for information from schools, colleges and employer organizations for information about your organization. You have been asked to put together a guide based on data you have collected about your organization and others. You can include illustration, diagrams and charts in your guide, if this helps to explain what your organization does.


This unit is based on exploring a business. There are two tasks in this assignment. I have been asked to do;

Describe four types of business from the, primary, secondary, and territory. I will be describing there purpose, ownership, size and scale. I will also be, looking at the companies aims to see if they have reached them yet, or what they are doing to reach there aim. I will be explaining areas of growth and decline in all three sectors and two in one of the sectors I have selected to do.

Task 1

I have chosen four different organizations covering the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors.

I have chosen to do;

Primary – Cadbury Farm

Secondary– Cadbury Factory

Tertiary – Tesco & Asda


Primary – Cadbury Farm

The Cadbury Factory is supplied with Cocoa beans from Ghana in West Africa; it has been supplying the Cadbury factory for over 100 Years. Supplying the factories in Bornville - UK and both the Irish factories, Rathmore in Kerry and Coolock in Dublin. Ghana has been supplying the Cadbury factories with the tastiest Cocoa Beans since 1908 all the way till today.

As other chocolate brands make there chocolate with powder milk, Cadbury makes there’s with fresh milk to give it a more creamy taste and texture. The factories are supplies 365 days a year, from real farmers situated in Wiltshire in UK and Rathmore in Ireland. That’s 400,000Litres in Britain and 227,000Litres in Ireland everyday.  In total – 17,000 Cows on a daily basis!

In every half a pound of chocolate a glass and a half amount of milk is added. The half cup is added for the enrichment on the chocolate as it is known to be a luxury chocolate since when it was first made.

The farms are made sure they are taken care of. They are visited on a regular basis to check the hygiene and health of the cows, to make sure they are well and are not suffering from any disease. This is done so that all the milk they are getting from these cows is fresh healthy and is not a health risk.

Attendance of workers is also checked to make sure all the work is getting done and is up to date. This is so the Cadbury factory workers know exactly what is being done and what isn’t. After finding out what is going on in the farm the workers who are doing badly either gets fired or is given warnings into becoming better workers.

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Secondary – Cadbury Factory

Cadbury was a one man business. The name of the chocolate was the surname of the finder’s name, John Cadbury.

He moved to Birmingham from the West Country in 1704. Birmingham was the first shop he opened on 93 Bull Street Road, next door to his father’s silk business.

Cadbury then began to sell, Tea, Coffee, Hops, Mustard, Cocoa Drinks (Chocolate drinks). However Cocoa drinks was a luxury drink at that time and was only bought by the wealthy people. Drinking Chocolate was only introduced in the 1650’s. Back then cocoa beans were imported from ...

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