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Within this unit I am going to investigate customer services by investigating the organisation and its customers by the general impact of customers of both new and old on the overall organisation, also the difference between internal and external customers, the expectations of the organisation’s customers and how customer’s expectations would affect the degree of the overall customer service.

Also I am going to monitor how effective the business customer service is such as evaluating the staff’s appearance, their prompt services, helpfulness, reliability, accuracy of information, teamwork, training and more. Also I will be observing the layout and overall tidiness and accessibility of the premise. Also the service that the business provides with their products and the overall services provided and more.

I will also be monitoring how the business maintain and improve customer service and how they keep their customers, such as knowing knowledge of internal complaints procedures, the use of customer service charters and codes of practice, monitoring customer service complaints and a lot more.

I will also understand the customer service legislation by learning the key concepts of up to date UK and EU legislation and understanding the implications of business organisations not complying with the UK abd EU legislation.


  1. Who are your internal customers? (colleagues, other departments,  service providers.)

  1. Who are your external customers? (individuals, families, different ages, different cultures.)

  1. How do you monitor the needs of different customers? (age, sex, socio-economic factors, disabilities, language problems, lifestyle)

  1. How do the customer expectations affect the degree of customer service, eg compare complex expensive or essential products/services with simple inexpensive or non-essential products/services.

  1. How do you carry out your complaint procedure?

  1. How does the help of customer service charters/ codes of practice help the business?

  1. How do you monitor customer service and complaints?

  1. How do you go about reviewing and recommending changes to your customer service procedures?

  1. What loyalty schemes or club discounts do you offer to your customers?

  1. How do you go about finding out the success or failure of a product or service that you offer?

Background Information

Within this unit I have been assigned to investigate the customer service provided by Pizza Hut. Two brothers, located in Wichita, Kansas, established pizza Hut in 1958, which soon turned out to be the worlds largest pizza company. At the time this was a relatively new concept. Potentially the two brother had borrowed $600 off their mother which helped them to buy second had goods or equipment to help start up their business and as a tremendous result their efforts was the first Pizza hut and the foundation for basically what would be the largest and most successful pizza restaurant in the world.

Customer Service

Definition Of Customer Service

All interactions between a  and a  provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. Customer service adds  to a product and builds enduring relationship. (taken from  )

Definition Of Customer Service From Pizza Hut

Why Is Customer Service Important?

Customer Services is vital for a business as without an excellent source of customer service then there would be no customers coming into the business and without customers there would be no profit gathered for the business and then eventually have to close the business because they would become bankrupt. It is basically one of the most important factors of a general business.

Internal and External Customers and their needs

Because Pizza Hut is generally known as a world wide company this would mean that the business would generally have a different range of customers, both internally and externally.

Internal customers would be classed as those who work for the business, although they work for the company they also have needs and wants too which would be required from the company, which would be Pizza Hut in this case. Employees would want to be given an average from the business as the employees will need a wage to live and survive off any other essentials in order for their general survival. They would also want to be given reasonable holidays for perhaps some time to themselves or to spend with friends and family. The atmosphere in the workplace must be a pleasant one as if it negative then employees may not work up to the standards and expectations of the business so the general performance would decrease. The workplace must also be safe for both customers and employees otherwise there can be severe consequences. The employees would also want to be able to work flexible shifts as this will help the employees live their lives out side of work as well such as seeing their families or perhaps looking after their children. Motivation is also another essential key for the business to motivate their employees so they perform to their best abilities at all times and it would also provide an excellent service for the business customers.

Disabled – wheelchair blind deaf

Segmentation – socio economic groups, lifestyle age pensioners teenagers children income

Families – babies, small children children single people business people passing trade

The business also has external customers which can be anyone who is classed as a customer to the business. External customers include: Families, Passing Trade, Special Dietary Needs, Pensioners and Children. All of the external customers also have certain needs but they would be all different to different external customers.

Some of Pizza Hut’s customers have special needs and these customers may or will need most of the attention from the business customer service skills. The special needs category will range from, customers that would be blind, deaf and wheelchair bound. It would be vital for the business to obtain one of their menus but would be a brail menu so that blind customers are able to know what services that the business provides. They would also need to know the whereabouts of the toilet and fire exit for safety reasons. Wheelchair users may have easy access in and out of the business and when using the toiletry services as well. Also easy access to and from a table would also benefit the customer. For deaf customers the business is able to set their frequency to a suitable level which will help them hear what others are saying to them also perhaps making it easier for them to order and use the businesses services overall.

To meet the needs for these customers Pizza Hut offer a brail menu for the blind to help them choose from the different services that they offer to their overall customers. Also Pizza Hut provide double doors which would allow wheelchair access to easily go through the doors and out again and there is a ramp leading up to the double doors to also make the access easier as they would not have any trouble when coming in and out of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut however do not meet the needs to those customers that are deaf as they do not offer the frequency change so that they can hear what is going on around them.

The most popular customers that Pizza Hut would encounter would be families as these customers will need good value for money from the services provided by the business. Families would most likely use Pizza Hut because of family offers that they offer to this type of customer. These customers would require Pizza Hut to provide tables and equipment with both young adults and very young children such as high chairs for baby children. For this type of customer Pizza Hut will also offer baby changing facilities for young children such as babies. Pizza Hut will also provide a children’s menu specialised for this type of customer. The other reason for this would be because children do not eat adult size meals and it would potentially be a waste of money for families that would generally not be willing to pay for what would be a waste.

To meet the needs of families Pizza Hut offers a changing facility for small children such as babies and they also provide a children’s menu as they do not eat large portions of food. Pizza Hut also offer family bargains for large parties such as families. Pizza Hut also offer baby high chairs specialised for babies to sit in. This would all meet the needs for this type of customer.

Passing Trade would also be classed as another type of customer to the business. These are potentially customers that do not intend to go into the business but will end up going there for whatever reason. Initially these customers would want to be served quickly as they would have other things to do as well so they would expect Pizza Hut to have a quick and easy service. They would also want to obtain value for their meals.

For passing trade Pizza Hut offers a buffet that starts at a certain time and ends at a certain time. At the buffet customers are able to go up and serve themselves the food quickly and efficiently meeting the needs of this type of customer.

Pizza hut also have customers with special dietary needs such as vegetarians for example. These customers are potentially customers that do not eat meat at all so Pizza Hut would have to provide a menu for vegetarians. If the business does not provide a service for these customers then the business will obtain a negative reputation as they would be known for not providing for all of their customers. Another sort of customer with special dietary needs are vegans. This would be when someone cannot eat anything that includes any sort of dairy products, this would potentially mean that the business would have to provide another menu for this type of dietary needs as well. If the customer may have a nut allergy then it would be essential for the business to inform the customer or provide an all new menu for that particular customer. If the customer isn’t informed then the business may suffer sever consequences.

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Pizza Hut meets the needs of this type of customer by offering a selection of food that allows the customer to choose what they want like a vegetarian pizza for vegetarians for example. This allows customers to choose different options to choose to suite their needs.

Pensioners would also be classed as another type of customer to Pizza Hut; these customers will not be that popular however they will still go to Pizza Hut. These customer will need some assistance when choosing from the menu’s and also when perhaps moving around from place to place. This shows that ...

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