Work placement at Family Mosaic.

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Essential information

School/College Contact Name: Mr. O’ Brien                      Email:

Supervising Tutor: Miss Bevans

You’re Placement Organisation

Placement Organisation: Family Mosaic

Learner’s department and role:

Organisation Address: 20 Tower Bridge Road Southwark London SE1 4TR

Organisation placement super visor: Senior housing officer

Dates of Placement: From the 7th of July till the 18th 

Personal targets

Set yourself some targets so that you know what you are trying to get out of your time on Work Experience.


We have started with six – think of four more of your own and say why you think they are important.

What are you most looking forward to doing on your work placement?

I am looking forward to being in a new type of environment, and to experience the areas of work and also meeting new people.

Is there anything you are worried or nervous about?

I am worried that I might not carry out my placement effectively and I am also nervous that I might not be accepted in the working environment.

P1 How organisations use ICT

  1. Describe and give examples, of the ways in which the organisation uses ICT; try to find at least one example of each of the following:

Presentation (promotional, technical)

Manipulation of information (interpreting data, decision making)

Communication (internal, external)

Managing information (storing and maintaining information, competitor

Details, on-line services)


This organisation is called Family Mosaic and is a housing association.

Communication - The organisation uses ICT for communication to interoperate data to other members of staff. For example; Sending emails out to members of staff requesting a response to query like

Manipulation of information – The organisation uses ICT for manipulation of information to receive data of information from staff. For example; Receive data information from staff to update estate inspections spread sheet of communal cleaning and repairs.

Managing information – The organisation uses ICT for managing information to store and maintain information on the system. For example; scanning the mail onto the system and publishing them.

Presentation – The organisation uses ICT for presentation by using power point for internal presentations. For example; for sharing internal performance information like                                         Arrears collection debt.

  1. Research examples from other organisations to fill in any categories for which you have not been able to find examples in your placement organisation:

(Promotional, technical, interpreting data, decision making, internal communication, external communication, storing and maintaining information, competitor details, online services)


Maintaining information - In other organisations like Lambeth Council they store and maintain their information on a software called Oracle’s e- procurement software. For example they use this software to store information like how many people they have given housing benefits to or giving people council tax or other services like parking.

Internal communication – Lambeth council use internal communication within the organisation through emails, fax or telephone calls. For example; employees could fax each other documents as it is more efficient as less paper is used. Or they could send each other emails requesting council tax for schools, roads, libraries, meals in the home, rubbish collection, police, fire service or other many local services.

External communication – They use external communication with their customers through phone calls or emails they also use this with other employees outside the organisation. They use it to deal problems with customers. For example; employees could call customers and ask them if they are happy with the service they are being provided with and if not the customer could make suggestions and help them to improve it.

Online services – Organisations also use online services like their website to make their service better and so customers know what services they are being provided with. For example; Lambeth council has a website which gives customers a lot of information on how they can help with their council tax, how to contact the organisation, how to pay their council tax and also information on discounts that reduce their council tax. Lambeth council’s website also have a webpage that inform customers with different types of forms. For example; form categories on complaints and freedom of information, council tax, education, children and school, environment, parking and streets care, housing and housing benefit, noise and pollution and miscellaneous forms.

Competitor details – All organisations compete against each other to attract more customers to their service. Everyday they try to find a way to improve their service so that more customers would want to join them. For example; Southwark and Lambeth council compete against each other by trying to improve their service. By advancing technology, Lambeth council are beginning to provide every employee with a laptop so they can send emails to customers as it is much quicker and more efficient as they would not be using the phone all the time. They also have provided their employees with laptops so they won’t have to be in the office all day and they can sort everything out through the laptop. This is more efficient as if the employees are sending emails which don’t cost a thing instead of using the phone and the company paying an expensive phone bill, the organisation can use that money that they have saved to improve houses, flats, apartments etc. And this improves their company by making customers happy.

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P2 1a Describe the external factors which have caused the organisation to use ICT. You should try to find out about each of the following:

Exploiting new technologies

Supplier expectations

Increasing pace of change

Changing market needs

Changing legislation

1b Explain why the organisation uses ICT, in these cases, to help it meet its business objectives.


Exploiting new technologies – In order for the organisation to give tenants a better service, employees at Family Mosaic have been provided with new laptops with new software and a Blackberry mobile. They have given their employees laptops so ...

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