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GCSE: Classics

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  1. Claudius was undeniably one of the greatest emperors of Rome; we know this because of the many ancient sources that tell us of his achievements.

    He did this through the annexing of Britain. The previous Princeps Caligula claimed to have captured Britain by arriving on their shore and announcing their immediate capture, but Claudius' army went to Britain and fought and fought against their tribes on foreign land, eventually capturing Caractacus and conquering Britain. This can be seen as a huge victory for Rome for it meant more money for the empire. Claudius's humane nature can also be seen through this event. After Caractacus was captured Claudius spared his life and gave him a position of high ranking in one of the Empires provinces.

    • Word count: 712
  2. Song for music

    not even boys cud ever put us apart cuz this is my love to all my friends I remember those days, wen I cry,

    • Word count: 155
  3. Spartacus and his followers (fellow slaves) escaped from the gladiator life and seized with them a wagon of weapons and fled to Mount Vesuvius

    After this the Senate of the Roman Empire made their first mistake, they sent a inexperience head of the army with 3,000 men to kill Spartacus and his "troops". After the Roman's set up camp, Spartacus staged a surprise attack while the Roman's slept successfully slaying them all. Then as other escaped slaves heard of this victory, they joined Spartacus' army with rumors of his army totaling 120,000 slaves. Then followed Spartacus continued military success even though his army of slaves were inexperience in combat, Spartacus hid them and trained them to fight like proper soldiers.

    • Word count: 619
  4. Jerimah Harden

    So as I enter the fourth or fifth grade I started to develop my theories and strategies on how to get girls. Now of course when you first start you have problems because it's new to you, but when you have further knowledge and understanding of your intent with this person then that's when you would venture out to more. Today I am going to educate you on ways to approach a girl and to at least encounter a relationship.

    • Word count: 980
  5. tension story medieval

    He didn't seem scared or made any reaction. "Master, I have managed to infiltrate the council of the king the next meeting is tomorrow at three." Said the man that came from the forest "Good... very good, don't forget that the king and you can't leave the castle. Don't ask, you will know what I mean when the time comes."

    • Word count: 547
  6. Why were the buildings at the Sanctuary so important?

    The Temple of Hera was also important. It was the home of the Disk of Iphitos, which had inscribed on it the truce of Olympia. It also held the Table of Kolotes, which was where the Olympian victors' crowns of wild olives were kept. Additionally, every four years, a robe was woven for Hera and was deposited in the temple by the women who organised the Heraian Games. This shows the temple's importance because it was involved with the proceedings of both Games.

    • Word count: 974
  7. Financial Crisis

    But as tax raised, the current jobs that people had so many years ago could not support the mortgage they had to pay. Banks had to do something about it since they had so much unpaid debt which people are calling toxic debt. Toxic debt is basically a debt were the bank knows it can not be paid off so they are unable to make a profit. They decided they will sell the debt to other banks and told them how much the debt is worth once it is all paid off, but the bank buying the debt did not know how much of the debt was toxic.

    • Word count: 877
  8. How does the writer of two weeks with the Queen makes us feel sympathy for different characters

    what happened, my little brother was crying and my mum kept silent I didn't get anything going on but I knew there's something wrong going on I turned around and I figured out that we were in the middle of no where I kept silent listening to the blowing winds until I heard my mum saying " you're dad was looking for you and he is probably coming back".

    • Word count: 478
  9. How Was The Roman Empire Built?

    The noblest families of Rome married into the most powerful and wealthiest families of the conquered cities. This created a direct link between Rome and the conquered countries. The Romans brought stability to most of Italy and Rome became the protector of Italy, defending Italy from attacks from tribes of Gauls coming from the north.

    • Word count: 399
  10. Why Was Augustus A Good Leader

    Soon after in the second settlement, Octavian gave up the consulship, for this the senate awards him 'Tribunican Powers' for live, these gave him the power to propose new ideas to the Senate or to 'Veto' anything, which gives him power to control the empire. This is good leadership, because it shows that he is able to propose ideas that will benefit the people, or get rid of ideas that will harm or be harsh on the people. The Octavian changed his name to "Caesar Augustus' (But was known as Augustus).

    • Word count: 821
  11. The Collapse of The Roman Republic

    From this he made many enemies. Following this Tiberius stood for tribune a second time, but all the rich went crazy, and so Tiberius was killed during a riot. Ten years later, Gaius Gracchus, the younger brother, was elected a tribune. He made new laws that gave cheaper grain to the poor and more power t the people's assemblies. After more laws led to violence, Gaius was also killed and thousands of his followers were executed! The Gracchus brothers were killed because they stood to take away from the rich and to give to the poor, and so the rich were ready to defend their privileges, by violence!

    • Word count: 501
  12. No matter how much historians discuss the importance of the symposium; the truth is that it was no more than an excuse for men to party without their wives.(TM)

    This discussion could have led to production and development of the Greek society and physical aspects of the city such as buildings and monuments. Aside from this, they also could have discussed wedding arrangements for their sons and daughters, so they were an important aspect in family life and the continuation of the oikos. The symposia were a very important source of relaxation in a society without modern technology and modern forms of communication and leisure.

    • Word count: 527
  13. Roman Religion

    They did not reward good morals, or punish bad morals. Instead, people tried to please the gods by following a detailed and specific set of rituals, which included lots of prayers and sacrifices. Fate is not fair. A person's life depends on fate and that is something not even the almighty gods could change. A persons character is often reflected by his or her fate, for example, Aeneas was responsible to the gods, his family, and his country making him a great leader therefore he is fated to be great, Dido was passionate in nature so she was fated to

    • Word count: 845
  14. Marcus Aurelius

    In 136 Hadrian had decided that his successor was to be a man named Lucius Ceionius Commodus. However Hadrian was so fond of Marcus at the time, he arranged for him to be married to Commodus's daughter, Ceionia Fabia at only 15 years of age. But it was not to be as the marriage was later cancelled following the death of Commodus. However it still wasn't the end of the bad news for Hadrian. His adopted son, L. Aelius Verus, subsequently died.

    • Word count: 948
  15. Ancient Greek houses

    Most of the houses in towns were built very close together with a narrow ally way between them. The ally was also used by the household slaves as a place to throw their rubbish. The house was often built around a courtyard. The courtyard had an alter in it which the family would gather round to pray to the gods. The prayers were led by the kyrios (head male of the household). The courtyard may also have held a statue of the god Zeuse and a well for getting water.

    • Word count: 624
  16. Jaws - How does Steven Speilburg build suspense in the film 'Jaws'?

    The main character of the film- Martin Brody (police chief) suspects a shark brutally attacked a young woman on Amity Island. He was attempting to close the beach when the town mayor interrupted him, explaining it may destroy the tourist population of the island. As a result of this decision, Alex Kitner is attacked, then another man and then the shark nearly kills one of Brody's son's. Hooper (shark expert), Quint (Shark hunter) and Brody then go on a search to hunt down the vicious man eater. In the end, Quint gets attacked by the great white and Brody triumphantly kills the shark.

    • Word count: 886
  17. "Pliny Never Shows Any Real Love For Calpurnius" Do You Agree?

    He claims to only find comfort in other peoples misery and problems, and begs the question what kind of life it is to seek pleasure in that? This tells us that he loves her so much that it is only comforting to see other people feel the way that he does. Despite the fact that she has already had a miscarriage, he doesn't just leave her for another wife. This must count for something, as childbearing was the main goal in Rome.

    • Word count: 728
  18. Why were the buildings in the sanctuary at the Olympics so important?

    It was built by the Eleans from the plunder of the Triphylian war and devoted to Zeus. Religion was a large part of Ancient Greek culture, and as Zeus was believed to be the king of the 12 Olympian Gods, the temple of Zeus was very important to the Ancient Greeks. The very fact that the temple of Zeus exists emphasises the important place the gods held at the sanctuary and in everyday Greek life. The temple of Hera, one of the oldest monumental temples in Greece, lies in the north-west corner of the sacred precinct of the Altis, on the south slopes of Kronios hill, confined by a powerful terrace wall.

    • Word count: 915
  19. Cyclopes

    Odysseus sent two men to investigate and the lotus-eaters gave them lotus to eat which made them loose all will to go home. Odysseus used to force to bring the men back to the ships and tied them under benches and set sail quickly. * Came to Goat Island that had lots of trees and goats. It had never been ploughed or grazed on. Cyclopes have no boats to travel, but they have a safe harbour. They landed here and took 9 goats fro every ship.

    • Word count: 835
  20. Odyessues and Penelope

    * Penelope now crying questioned the nurse how he single handed could have killed all the suitors. * Eurycleia said that she doesn't know but she heard the groans of dying men. She then told her how she had found Odysseus with all the dead bodies, and he had sent her to call Penelope. * Penelope said that it must have been an immortal God and that Odysseus is far from Ithaca and probably dead. * Eurycleia then told her that she had seen Odysseus' scar he had got as a child. * Penelope then went downstairs to see this person, she was confused that if it was her husband should she go up to him and kiss his head and hands.

    • Word count: 639
  21. What Were The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women In Athenian Society?

    This essay aims to show both the advantages and disadvantages of being a citizen woman in ancient Athens. The ease of the process that allowed women to gain status was a huge advantage. Marrying a husband of high social standing immediately raised that of the new wife therefore gaining her respect throughout the city as well as the wealth that comes with it. A woman did not raise her status by slowly climbing the social ladder as the men did, she did it by marriage. Just by simply being female women qualified for participation in many religious festivals and some were even for women only.

    • Word count: 574
  22. Odysseus, Good Leader or Bad Leader?

    These powers made the men want to stay on the island with the Lotus Eaters and eat nothing other than the lotus fruit. Odysseus knew that his men did not really want this; he knew that they had been put under some sort of spell. He dragged them back onto their ship and ordered his men to make a swift departure from the island so no-one else would suffer the same as the scouts did. Odysseus was religious, believing in the power of the Greek Gods to control destiny and fate.

    • Word count: 629
  23. Differences can be seen in a Modern Theatre Production

    This caused a low rumbling sound which sounded like thunder to the audience above. Another example is the sound imitating horse's hooves. Two hollow, wooden cups would have been clapped together to create the "clip, clop" noise of horse hooves. A further example is the sound of rain. Pebbles or dried peas were placed into a bowl and were gently rattled around. Other than these very few other props were used. Though these effects were very effective for the time, the people in the audience were expected to have used their Imagination, this is not as necessary in a modern production because of the high quality special effects and props.

    • Word count: 651
  24. In this essay, I will discuss the themes of manipulation and how it is crucial to the play The Medea by Euripides.

    Firstly, the theme of manipulation starts on page 63, lines 132 onwards, where, before the dialogue between Medea and the chorus of Corinthian women, Medea was heard crying angry cries of resentment and bitterness about the betrayal of her husband.

    • Word count: 310
  25. Antigone staging of the argument in the play

    I think this because it means that Creon can be standing over her and can walk around her to show the audience he has a higher status than her and that he is in control of her and putting her on the spot to answer his questions. Antigone starts off the scene very confident and laid back about burying her brother and being interrogated by Creon, she should show this by facial expression, showing the audience she is not bothered of what Creon is asking her and sitting up straight in her chair, showing a confident posture.

    • Word count: 733

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