Aeneas as a hero - comparing the Roman and Greek ideals.

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Aeneas is strong willed enough to be a hero Roman idea of a hero A roman idea of a hero was that they had to brave, courageous, loyal. Duty- knowing what had to be done, what they should do, no matter what. Pius/Pietas. “So ran the speech. Burdened and sick at heart,He feigned hope in his look, and inwardlyContained his anguish”Book 1. Shows the problems of leadership: even though Aeneas feels saddened for the loss of their friends, he tries to hide his grief so he could keep up the survivors’ spirits."I am Aeneas, duty-bound, and knownAbove high air of heaven by my fame,Carrying with me in
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my ships our godsOf hearth and home, saved from the enemy.I look for Italy to be my fatherland,And my descent is from all-highest Jove."Book 1. This is how Aeneas introduced himself to a huntress he meets in the forest of Libya (the huntress is his mother, Venus, in disguise). This reveals how much his mission and responsibilities make up his identity.“Duty-bound,Aeneas, though he struggled with desireTo calm and comfort her in all her pain,To speak to her and turn her mind from grief,And though he sighed his heart out, shaken stillWith love of her, yet took the course heaven gave ...

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